Parents – 5 scenarios when you MUST contact a Youth & Parent Coach!

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Parenting brings with it many joys but it also brings with it loads of challenges. I understand when parents come feeling like they can bear it no more and they want an escape either from everyone around them or from the insurmountable problems at home. I have had many parents break down in front of…

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How to help your child let go of his mistakes and get back on track

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While coaching a teenager recently I came up with some unexpected barriers. Her parents. The loving parents who had brought her to me asking me to coach their child out of the negativity and low self confidence she was experiencing, so much so that they had to change schools and then finally withdraw her to…

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My son does not make eye contact while speaking with others

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With the advent of various gadgets that seek our attention – we are spending more and more time ‘looking’ at movement on our screens versus looking up and noticing other human beings. A recent study conducted showed how children can no longer understand a wide range of emotions on the faces of others as they…

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My child has seen some age inappropriate things on the internet! What do I do?

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Being a parent is ridden with a lot of guilt and regret over all the things you have done wrong. You have multiple roles to fulfill as a parent; from mentor to role model, from disciplinarian to worrier, from policing to motivator and many others. Wearing so many hats while trying to balance the whole…

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How do I help my child when she is feeling sad and low?

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Its amazing how quickly we run to rescue our child, whether it be a physical injury or an emotional trauma. Any mother who sees her child crying after he/she has fallen or hurt himself/herself finds her own eyes well up in tears. As a mother when my children have been bruised or hurt I have…

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I ‘suspect’ my daughter is conscious of her weight

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Parents are always concerned about their child, which is normal. Parents’ worry about their child’s safety, health, and education, personal development the list is endless. It only becomes an issue when the worrying crosses into the realm of suspicion or imagination. Given that we have fewer children these days per family parents want the best…

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