How do I help my child deal with teasing and not get angry and upset?

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I failed as a coach…..

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…to show this father how coaching had helped his son. Last Saturday I faced a rather frustrated and dissatisfied father of a teen son. He had prior to the session sent me an email reminding me about the issues he had wanted me to address while coaching his son. So I invited him for the…

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How do I stop being a NAG (mother)?

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After coaching children and parents for over five years there is literally nothing in the parenting sphere that surprises me. However there are many things I have learnt as a parent not to do. And today I want to talk about a subject that most mothers specifically, are guilty of. Apologies if this does not…

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How to help your child break a negative or bad habit?

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The holidays cover up a lot of things including some undesirable habits! Now with regular school days and weeks those habits can come in the way of your child’s academic and personal success. As a parent what you have ‘overlooked’ in the holidays is now becoming an every day tug-of-war with your child. Starting with gaming…

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How to start the new academic year with freshness and positivity…

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Two months of summer time are over! For some it might have felt like the blink of an eye and for some it might have felt like a long stretch of time. Well for both it is over. What lies in front of parents and children is the fresh start of a new academic year.…

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The top 10 tips for Mums & Dads on How to Stay Calm during the Summer holidays!

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Its summer time!! The heat is on is many parts of the world while many countries have a cold and wintery summer. Wherever you are in the world, one thing is for sure it marks a break for children from the routine of school life. Parents look forward to a later and more relaxed start…

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