How do I deal with my angry teenage son?

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It is so easy to want others to change to help us feel better about our own lives. You want to change your boss so that your work environment gets easier to manage. You want your spouse to be calmer so that there is peace in your relationship. You want your children to finish their…

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Want to know how to get your child to listen to you the first time?

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Recently I was approached, by parents of a teenage boy who had just stopped listening to them. Every time the mother would say something he would just cover his ears with his hands! Nothing they said could get him to listen. He had reached a point where whether his parents said something for his benefit…

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How do I set expectations or goals for my child?

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Parenting can sometimes seem like a tight rope walking exercise – trying to balance what you say, when to say, how to say and how much you say. But once you have practised and got the basics in place it becomes smoother and easier. Its just about getting the balance right and then the ride…

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My 17 year old daughter is rebellious and has a boyfriend!

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The teenage years are challenging for both children and parents. This is also the age when parental guidance is replaced by peer approval. Children are being exposed to various cultures, values and upbringing styles through their interaction with their friends, the internet and social media. The lines of divide have blurred to create a rather…

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My 14 year old daughter has lost her confidence while communicating

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Sometimes what ‘appears’ to be the issue might not necessarily be the issue. Parents view a problem their child might have, from their adult perspective, but it is important for you to dig deeper to know the source of the problem or how the issue began. Because once you find out the source you can…

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The basic premise to understand How to Talk to your Child

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The teen years can be very taxing for both children and parents. Children are going through changes on various levels – physical, emotional and self-identity. There is a huge internal struggle where they are trying to “break away” from their ‘child’ persona and stepping into the world of ‘maturity and young adulthood’. This is a…

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