My teen lacks confidence and does not speak his heart out at home

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Teenage years can be very tricky for some children and most parents! Teens do go through their share of physical change, mental confusion and shift from parental approval to peer opinion. Their complete identities are being put through a huge shift both internally and externally and many parts of their identity feel strange even to…

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Do you as a couple disagree on how to parent your children?

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“Just chill its ok for him to eat in front of the TV – don’t be such a stickler all the time!” “You must allow children some down time – you can’t expect them to study all the time.” “So what if he didn’t say hello to your boss – he is just a kid.”…

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Is your child very bright but lazy and lacks motivation to excel?

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Yes as a parent we want the best for our child. We want him/her to excel in academics, in personal development, in his all round growth. As parents we know how much our child is capable of achieving and try our best for him to reach the heights he deserves. We of course also benchmark…

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I am clueless, my child does not talk about his school day!

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So there are some children who get in through the door of the car or their home and there is a ton of information dumped on you, from how their best friend was hurt, who the teacher scolded, who won the trophy and what the naughty boy in class did. These are the parents whose…

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My daughter is away at college and I am always worried about her

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Sending your child thousands of miles away to a new country, new college, new ways of living can be daunting for any parent. Parents raise their children having one prayer on their lips – “May my child always be safe and happy.” Children fall down and mum is there to cuddle and dad to apply…

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How do I help my child who is an introvert?

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When you go to a party or gathering of many people, you will be able to gauge whether you are an introvert or an extrovert by how you feel when you return home. If you are more energized and excited you are an extrovert, someone who enjoys the company of people. If you return home…

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