Parent Coaching Program

Eliminate overwhelm and stress from your parenting and create calm and ease in your family life

I can assure you that there are many parents just like you who I have coached over the past seven years. Their struggles were very similar to yours:

❎ losing their patience on an everyday basis

❎ stress and chaos in the house

❎ feelings of overwhelm

❎ repeating their instructions hundreds of times

❎ child glued to gadgets and turning a deaf ear

❎ teens answering back….you know what I am talking about.

That feeling of wanting to tear your hair out not knowing whether parenting will ever get any easier for you.

I want to invite you for a minute to imagine how your life would be if:

  • you woke up in the morning and your kids were already awake, getting ready and eating their breakfast with a smile
  • you asked your kids to do a chore ONCE and they followed through
  • there was more laughter and giggles than shouting at home
  • your kids did their homework without you reminding them
  • everyone was respectful and polite to one another
  • your kids were actually grateful for everything you were doing for them!

Believe me, this IS possible. It has been made possible for hundreds of parents and now it is your turn to live this possibility.

After having coached hundreds of children and parents; I promise, I have you covered.

After going through the secret thoughts of hundreds of teens I’ve coached; I promise, I have heard the other side.

After coaching parents just like you who suffered from overwhelm and guilt over their parenting; I promise, I feel your pain.

Being a parent to two teens myself I promise, I understand you.

Out of my 7 years of experience coaching parents & teens alike, was born the 4 Week Parent Coaching Program - a journey for parents to transition through the often confusing and hurtful path that parenting can be, into a joyful and fun ride as a family.

Why me?

Firstly because I have been where you are now.

I tell all my clients, God has chosen this path for me so that my children and family benefit from the mother and person I have become.

I was not always like this, confident, calm and peaceful in my parenting journey. I feel light and happy, yes simply happy and grateful for whom I have become traversing this path of life coaching.

I traveled through some dark dungeons where I was scared, confused and totally unsure of myself as a mother. I did not like that place. I was irritable, anxious and on a short fuse most days. My children bore the brunt while I distanced my husband.

A chance chat over a social event and I was hooked on this transformational personal journey of life coaching and have never looked back.

I am a work-in-progress. No, I have not ‘arrived’ in parenting. I still make mistakes just like you. The one difference – I now am AWARE of my mistakes and immediately re-calibrate my actions or words, accept my mistakes, learn, let go and move on. This keeps overwhelm and guilt miles away from me.

Many of my clients ask me – how and when I reached this stage.

Well, the simple answer is – after a lot of self-work.

I took responsibility of myself, no blame games.

I took time out for myself.

I worked on the baggage I was unconsciously allowing to impact my parenting.

I let go.

I found a coach who had tread my path and was two steps ahead of me.

Someone who could relate to my challenges and had overcome them herself.

I knew investing in myself meant three other people would be positively impacted and my family life would be more peaceful.

I committed to coaching.

So, if you have read so far, it means you are looking for someone to guide you and a tried and tested program that will gently allow you to open up and face your inner struggles and allow you to replace the overwhelm and guilt with ease and confidence in yourself and your parenting.

I want to share with you the details of

The 4-week Parent Coaching Program

and how it has benefited so many other parents like you.

Before Coaching, my biggest struggle is I don’t know how to stop getting angry. I am making so many mistakes in my life and with my children. I don’t know how to get things done in time and I put pressure on my kids. I very stressed as I want things to happen on time. I don’t like any mess in the house and I am constantly cleaning the places. I expect my kids also to do the same and I know i am wrong. My main concern is my daughter on whom I have put so much pressure that she has begun to hate me. I have realised from almost a year that I am wrong and I really try my best to be calm and to tell her to study all time but I get out of track.

After the Program, I cannot believe I am the same mom. Actually I cannot believe I am the same person! This journey Sunaina you took me on was beyond transformational. It is as if my soul has had a spa experience. But this spa experience seems more permanent - I feel relaxed - calm and happy! I am a happy mom and on most days it’s as if by magic kids get ready - go to school - come back smiling and have their dinner and go to bed. Our family life - the shouting and stress has been replaced by laughter and love. Thank you Sunaina for the most beautiful journey that you took me on over the last one month!

- Sara

Before Coaching: Dear Maam,

I read your article in gulf news today. I would describe myself as the mother in the article. I am a housewife. I feel I have fed my teenage daughter with years of anger and negativity . She has become emotionally weak due to this. Her greatest problems are her low confidence and fear of doing things alone. Initially I used to feel something was wrong with her and she needed a psychiatrist . But over the past few months I have started realizing the problem was within me. I have unknowingly made her into the state she is in today. By God's grace she is smart and gets good grades.but I have to keep nagging her to study or to do any chores. She has created a comfort zone in story books and tv or computer where she would like to be. As she lacks focus she is not motivated to do anything.

I know the change has to start within me first. But I seem to have fallen into this cycle or pattern from which I cannot come out. It is like every time I see her I have to yell at her for something she has to do. I just can not have a proper loving conversation with her . I have a younger daughter who will be 9 years soon. I think if my behavior continues even she will be following the same path.

Can you help me out or suggest how I come out of this vicious cycle I have emotionally fallen into.

- Jenny

After Coaching: I was a mother who felt for months that I need to take my daughter to the psychiatrist as I felt she was not focused and had a very low self esteem. She was also fearful of doing things on her own.I was not able to have a loving conversation with her. But I never had the courage to take the step because deep down I felt I was responsible. After months of thinking I understood that the problem was within me. I used to be angry all the time. My sentences were mostly negative. ‘Don’t do this’, or my tone was rude. I was always restricting her to do things and most of the time I wanted her to study. I was feeling like a hypocrite.

After seeing your article in the newspaper I decided to write to you for advice as I was starting to hate the way I felt about myself. Your sessions have helped me control my negative feelings and has made me aware of myself more. I have learned to forgive and let go of the hurt that I had collected within me. I have learned to listen to others and become aware of their feelings. I have learned to have fun with myself and not take others too seriously. I have learned to open up my feelings in a more positive way with your help.

You have helped me to think clearly,before my thoughts were all messed up. You have helped me understand that falling down is natural , you just have to get up. Before I used to keep lying down for days. Now I like the way I feel about myself and have been smiling a lot with my family. I am glad I took this step. It has brought back enthusiasm in my life.

Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. May God bless you.

- Jenny

This is a father who contacted me because he wanted me to coach his 10 year old son who lacked focused, was moody, did not complete his homework. There was so much tension and stress in the family environment that he would delay coming home from work.

He faced daily a sullen son and angry wife when he reached home from work. He felt that they were failing in parenting their kids. And he was overcome by a sense of depression and sadness that there seemed to be a complete breakdown in communication in the family unit.

After the 4 Week Parent Coaching Program this is what Sachin said:

When we first came to you Sunaina - we had already been to a Child Specialist and our son was diagnosed with ADHD. However, even after 3 sessions with the specialist our son did not show any signs of improvement on the contrary things worsened. That is when we decided to approach you and were honestly taken aback when you having met us (we did not share the above diagnosis with you) asked us to join the 4 Week Parent Coaching Program.

As a couple we decided we had nothing to lose so enrolled.

The 4 Week Parent Coaching Program has completely changed us both as individuals and as parents. So many of the strategies on communication and listening that you taught us, I have used in my corporate life and it has yielded positive results.

We have exponentially improved our communication with our children. The family atmosphere is so much more relaxed and happy. Our relationship as husband and wife has improved. Our children are so thrilled with the change in our behaviour. We are now one happy family with understanding as our foundation. Thanks to Sunaina!

- Sachin

Before coaching, the big problem was lack of communication with our daughter. We did not pause but gave an immediate reaction on her every action. We lacked listening and receiving skill. We did not have patience and expected her immediate response to anything we asked her to do. I was very impatient, short tempered and expected my daughter and husband to adjust to my way of living.

After coaching I learnt to control my anger &  reaction even if I felt she is wrong or she is doing some mistake. I started listening to her before giving my opinion to her. I improved my way of talking to her, even if she made any mistake instead of scolding her I now try to explain to her what mistake she has done and how she can learn from it. And because of this behavior with her she has started communicating more openly with me. Before I underwent 4 Week Parent Coaching Program she was scared to tell me anything and hid many things from us. She even lied to us about her marks and other things. But now even if she gets less mark she is come and tells us, that’s the biggest achievement for us. Even more openly she has started telling us about our mistakes if she feels we are in the wrong. Whenever possible I give her time and communicate more with her.

The 4 Week Parent Coaching Program experience with you was excellent. While talking with you personally, the positive vibes are tremendous. Your way of coaching is very good. While talking with you we always wished that the session should never end.

- Another couple who wanted me to coach their teenager daughter that I advised should first go through the 4 Week Parent Coaching Program:

What is this magical journey that has transformed the lives of so many parents and families!

The 4-week Parent Coaching Program


This is the place that we get rid of all the weight that has been tying you down. You’ll learn to let go of any negative  feelings that have been shrouding your relationship with your child. We can then move onto building things back up again.


When was the last time you felt understood by your child? In this final, powerful module, you’ll learn how to communicate with your child in a way that they’re open to and willing to reciprocate (instead of walking in the other direction while you’re still talking). Learn strategies on how to communicate so that your child will pay attention to what you are saying and you can build clear channels of communication so that your child seeks you out to share their deepest thoughts.


Parents by nature tend to put themselves and their needs last. Whatever bothers them is pushed under the carpet till it begins to truly simmer and take over their peace. Over time they begin to feel drained out and exhausted. In this module you will become aware of your triggers and eliminate any unrealistic expectations pulling you down. This module will help you to make time for yourself so that you can connect with yourself and feel rejuvenated. Your family will have more of you!


You will learn to let go of your to-do list and be able to enjoy being with your child and to have fun with them. No more stress of the next thing to do, you will begin to relax as you become more mindful and present savoring the company of your child. Not thinking about the things that you have to do or getting stressed. Just the two of you enjoying each other’s company.

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What are you waiting for?


I am offering this Program for a LIMITED TIME ONLY at a 66% discount!!!



Yes, Sunaina, I am ready!