Talking straight from the heart with no ‘filters,’ is how I introduce myself saying that I know no other way. Whatever my heart and mind think, the words come tumbling out.

For most of my childhood I was given to believe that I talked, ‘too much’ and that was not a good thing; that I was too thin and needed to put on some weight; that I was more academically inclined and therefore could not play sports; and that being quiet and patient meant you were strong, which I necessarily wasn’t.

Despite a lot of the negative beliefs that carved themselves into my unconscious, I had an uneventful childhood. School and college was a breeze and securing three on-campus placements in post-grad school came easily given the confidence and ease with which I spoke and carried myself but may not have felt.

Originally from India, I have lived and worked in Dubai and Singapore, meeting people from various cultures and nationalities. Married for over 18 years with a teenage daughter and pre-teen son, highs and lows of marriage and motherhood are not unfamiliar territory. And, to the delight of movers and packers, having moved 8 times in 18 years I can relate to the emotional upheavals of expat life experienced from the inside.


[/two_column][/row]Besides my ‘nomadic’ lifestyle, the corporate world of events, marketing, and soft skills training kept me busy for over twelve years till I realized that there was some ‘inner work’ that was unfinished.

And I was drawn into the magical world of life coaching. At first, I wasn’t impressed. Talking – conversing can rid people of their life long negative baggage? Aches and pains can be dissolved in minutes? Understanding the patterns of someone’s language and reprogramming it can lead to their reality changing? Knowing your values and life purpose can actually make you lead a life of happiness and fulfillment? The skeptic in me was doing a Hawaiian cabaret.

Somewhere along the tug-of-war of denying and wanting it to work its magic on me, coaching ‘happened.’ Slowly the childhood beliefs hidden in various crevices appeared and evaporated into oblivion. I realized that by being my bubbly, talkative, high-energy self did not mean I was not a woman of substance or strength. I realized that I could play any game or sport I chose to and that academic credentials and sports were not mutually exclusive.

As I allowed the learning to seep into my being and the more I became ‘aware,’ the easier the negativity got washed away. I felt myself emerge and grow into a better version of myself. Better empowered, knowing that the world and the circumstances around me are a mirror of my inner being and if I truly want to change something in my reality the place I need to work on is inside of me. To risk sounding cliched I was enlightened and therefore transformed!

Who do I enjoy working with most?
Wanting the same for people like you, I took the decision to take up coaching as a profession. Wanting you to experience the transformation, heed your calling for a better life, your calling for a better state of being, to be able to dream – dream with gay abandonment – and aiming for the moon and touching the stars! And as I began to attract clients from all walks of life, I realized I enjoyed working the most with parents and children. To create peace and harmony on the planet one family at a time has now become my life’s mission.

And dancing along with my life mission I now work with young children, teenagers, and parents helping them overcome negative self-belief patterns, teenage dramas, chaotic lifestyles, communication breakdowns, and parenting struggles. Together we design your unique family life full of love, peace, and harmony based on the corner stones of stability, trust, mutual respect, and open communication.

Who do I coach and get the best results with?
Well, I will make it very easy for you to know whether we are a match.
If you are:
• committed to transforming yourself as an individual and parent
• craving for clarity around being a parent and role model
• open to learning new ways of communicating with yourself and your children
• wanting to move forward into a more positive way of being for yourself and your family
• wanting to create a family life of peace and harmony
• planning to move or are based in an environment/country different than your own and want some clarity around settling in
• looking for a coach to empower you to design your fulfilling life

If you want your children to:
• excel in their academics and extra-curricular activities
• be more focused and committed
• gain self-confidence and self-esteem
• become better communicators
• manage their time better
• become more responsible and follow through
• adjust to their new school or college or new environment
• become resilient and successful young adults

….then you have come to the right person.

Why am I the perfect coach for you and your children?
If your needs are a combination of the above, then not only will you be coached by someone who has the right professional credentials but also someone who has been there and done it.
A mother, wife, professional coach, entrepreneur, speaker and budding author – Sunaina Vohra.

– Certified Master Life Coach
– Certified Master NLP Coach
– Certified Master NLP Practitioner
– Certified Master Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner
– Co-active Coach