Parenting is hard, isn't it?

We all enter parenthood with the best of intentions.

We tell ourselves from an early stage that we’re not going to shout at our children or be ‘mean’ parents.

And yet, the reality that hits us is strikingly different from what we imagined.

Especially when our children enter their teenage years...

  • Although you’re the adult in the relationship, you feel like you’ve lost control
  • You are forever carrying the guilt of being a bad parent
  • Your child never seems to understand your point of view
  • You deeply fear that you may be losing your child

While these feelings are natural, there is another way of living so that you are not only better connected to your child but also building a strong foundation of love and harmony for your family.

is a 4-week program for you to be a more confident and calm parent whilst simultaneously helping your child develop the right skills for academic and personal success.

This program is your opportunity to ...

  • Understand what your child needs so that you can communicate openly and honestly with each other
  • Feel confident that your child can manage stress easily and withstand negative influences and peer pressure
  • Stay connected to your child, knowing that they’re not cutting you out of their life
  • Ensure that your child is equipped to deal with the challenges of life and is always motivated to strive for the best

Included in this 4-week program are 8 modules; four for you and four for your child.

Both you and your child will be working on your independent issues in order for you to build a better relationship between you both.

Each module will be delivered to you weekly into your inbox.

Your Child's Modules


We’ll look at internal and external factors that are distracting him (including YouTube, online gaming and of course – the smart phone!) so that he can learn how to calm his mind. Once his mind is more focused, your child will be able to concentrate more and finish tasks on time. This will lead to quality work and assignments in academics. No more late homework!


What’s keeping him from managing his time well? This module will help him to learn to prioritize things so that he can complete multiple tasks in a timely fashion. This is one module that both parties particularly like the results for- better time management means less stress at home and at school.


This is the very foundation of success. This module will help your child to adjust and adapt to any situation confidently, giving him the building blocks to deal with life’s challenges as and when he needs to.


Communication is so important! He will be able to communicate clearly to anybody at any time. Whether it’s his school teacher, a future employer or a family member, your child will be able to successfully hold a conversation for any outcome. This module will also help him be a more confident public speaker.

Your Modules


This is the place that we get rid of all the weight that has been tying you down. You’ll learn to let go of any negative  feelings that have been shrouding your relationship with your child. We can then move onto building things back up again.


You will learn to let go of your to-do list and be able to enjoy being with your child and to have fun with them. No more stress of the next thing to do, you will begin to relax as you become more mindful and present savoring the company of your child. thinking about the things that you have to do or getting stressed. Just the two of you enjoying each other’s company.


Parents by nature tend to put themselves and their needs last. Over time they begin to feel drained out and exhausted. This module helps you to make time for yourself so that you can connect with yourself and feel rejuvenated. Your family will have more of you!


When was the last time you felt understood by your child? In this final, powerful module, you’ll learn how to communicate with your child in a way that they’re open to and willing to reciprocate (instead of walking in the other direction while you’re still talking).

Ready to begin?


Why me?

I am Sunaina Vohra, Youth and Family Coach, Certified Master Life coach and a Master NLP coach.

But first and foremost, I am a parent to a teen daughter and son. I have gone through most of the issues that you are currently facing and I know how tough it can get.

While coaching parents and children over the past six years, I have helped resolve many issues that are common to parents like you.

The truth is - parenting is hard and can get very confusing. And it’s very natural to doubt yourself as a parent sometimes. Everything you do comes from a place of love, and yet, it can be perceived very differently by your child. This, coupled with your child’s own struggles can create havoc in a family’s life.

What you really need is an  easier flow to your days, open communication between you and your precious child and a more loving and relaxed family life.

Through my tools and strategies, I have helped countless other families achieve this relaxed, happy state.

And I want the same for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can this really be done online?

Absolutely! I’ve made this as simple and practical for you as possible. Even though you don’t have to invest in a one-2-one price, my videos and worksheets will make it feel as though you’re still getting a bespoke service.

How much time do I need to set aside for this? I'm pretty busy, will I be able to do it?

I’ve created this program in a way that will help you to remain calm. This isn’t a project or assignment. All you need to do is carve out one hour a week and you will be able to see the results.

What happens if I can't understand one of the modules? Can I get in touch with you?

You are not left alone. There is a private Facebook group where you’ll have my (and other parents’) support. I’ll also be available via email each Thursday. So if you have any problems then I’m here for you.

Do I need to live in Dubai to go through this course?

No! The reason I created this program was so that I could help parents and children all over the world. I’ve traveled around the world, working with families all over the globe and I know one thing for sure:

Parenting problems are universal! No matter whether you’re in China, England, USA or anywhere else. You can appreciate it when another parent looks lost and says that they don’t know how to make their child listen anymore. The seas don’t divide us. We are parents.

This is your opportunity to form a relationship that will eliminate regret and help you and your child to have a healthy, strong bond whilst giving your child the tools he needs to go on to face the world confidently.

I have been asked by many parents to make my knowledge and coaching more accessible. And I have listened.

Because I believe every child deserves the confidence, independence and ambition that’ll equip him/her to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

And equally, every parent deserves the power to make this happen for their child.

That is why I’m offering you the most powerful parenting tools and 4 whole weeks of support at my best price ever.

Ready to begin?