Parenting Help: Are you a selfish parent?

Parenting Help

  Parenting help is needed by all of us, especially when we are consumed by thoughts such as: 💥Am I a selfish mother/father/parent? 💥Parenting means to “sacrifice” all the time for my kids and family   You will definitely feel like you need parenting help because you will feel like your battery has been running…

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Focus on studies: How to get your child to study during exams?

Focus on studies

  Focus on studies for kids is a question that comes up almost every week if not everyday. But this issue about focus on studies with regards to kids comes to a peak just before the exam season for obvious reasons. I had a stressed parent asking me: 😳 How do I get my child…

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Parenting a teenager who is answering back (Episode 114)

Parenting a Teenager

  Parenting a teenager who is answering back can be difficult for most parents. Recently someone who is parenting a teenager came in sobbing because she had an altercation with her teenager to the extent that there was not only a shouting and screaming match at home but the teenager broke all boundaries and insisted…

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Parents – 5 scenarios when you MUST contact a Youth & Parent Coach!

Parenting brings with it many joys but it also brings with it loads of challenges and therefore brings about the need for parent coaching services. I understand when parents come feeling like they can bear it no more and they want an escape either from everyone around them or from the insurmountable problems at home.…

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How to help your child let go of his mistakes and get back on track

While coaching a teenager recently I came up with some unexpected barriers. Her parents. The loving parents who had brought her to me asking me to coach their child out of the negativity and low self confidence she was experiencing, so much so that they had to change schools and then finally withdraw her to…

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My son does not make eye contact while speaking with others

With the advent of various gadgets that seek our attention – we are spending more and more time ‘looking’ at movement on our screens versus looking up and noticing other human beings. A recent study conducted showed how children can no longer understand a wide range of emotions on the faces of others as they…

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