How to discipline an aggressive child and teenager?

How to discipline an aggressive child

  How to discipline an aggressive child is a topic that is evergreen. When your cute little boy or girl changes from a docile and happy mummy or daddy’s baby and begins to step into their terrible teens, parents are often left feeling helpless and insecure about how to handle them. Parents often come to…

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Concentrate on Studies: How do I motivate my child?

Concentrate on Studies

  Many parents struggle with this issue of how their kids can concentrate on studies so that they can do well in their exams and get good results. Concentrate on studies is a lifelong mantra for kids around the world starting from a really tender age when kids should be playing more but unfortunately the…

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Anxiety in Kids: How do I make my submissive child become strong?

Anxiety in Kids

The problem: A mother approached me asking me about signs that show up during anxiety in kids. She was worried her daughter was very submissive and others could easily take advantage of her. What was happening at home: Anxiety in kids is a prevalent issue. I suspected that since her daughter was below the age…

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Parenting Help: Are you a selfish parent?

Parenting Help

  Parenting help is needed by all of us, especially when we are consumed by thoughts such as: 💥Am I a selfish mother/father/parent? 💥Parenting means to “sacrifice” all the time for my kids and family   You will definitely feel like you need parenting help because you will feel like your battery has been running…

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Focus on studies: How to get your child to study during exams?

Focus on studies

  Focus on studies for kids is a question that comes up almost every week if not everyday. But this issue about focus on studies with regards to kids comes to a peak just before the exam season for obvious reasons. I had a stressed parent asking me: 😳 How do I get my child…

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Parenting a teenager who is answering back (Episode 114)

Parenting a Teenager

  Parenting a teenager who is answering back can be difficult for most parents. Recently someone who is parenting a teenager came in sobbing because she had an altercation with her teenager to the extent that there was not only a shouting and screaming match at home but the teenager broke all boundaries and insisted…

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