How to discipline an aggressive child and teenager?

How to discipline an aggressive child

  How to discipline an aggressive child is a topic that is evergreen. When your cute little boy or girl changes from a docile and happy mummy or daddy’s baby and begins to step into their terrible teens, parents are often left feeling helpless and insecure about how to handle them. Parents often come to…

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My child has seen some age inappropriate things on the internet! What do I do?

Being a parent is ridden with a lot of guilt and regret over all the things you have done wrong. You have multiple roles to fulfill as a parent; from mentor to role model, from disciplinarian to worrier, from policing to motivator and many others. Wearing so many hats while trying to balance the whole…

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I ‘suspect’ my daughter is conscious of her weight

Parents are always concerned about their child, which is normal. Parents’ worry about their child’s safety, health, and education, personal development the list is endless. It only becomes an issue when the worrying crosses into the realm of suspicion or imagination. Given that we have fewer children these days per family parents want the best…

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Want to know how to get your child to listen to you the first time?

Recently I was approached, by parents of a teenage boy who had just stopped listening to them. Every time the mother would say something he would just cover his ears with his hands! Nothing they said could get him to listen. He had reached a point where whether his parents said something for his benefit…

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How do I set expectations or goals for my child?

Parenting can sometimes seem like a tight rope walking exercise – trying to balance what you say, when to say, how to say and how much you say. But once you have practised and got the basics in place it becomes smoother and easier. Its just about getting the balance right and then the ride…

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My 17 year old daughter is rebellious and has a boyfriend!

The teenage years are challenging for both children and parents. This is also the age when parental guidance is replaced by peer approval. Children are being exposed to various cultures, values and upbringing styles through their interaction with their friends, the internet and social media. The lines of divide have blurred to create a rather…

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