Is your child very bright but lazy and lacks motivation to excel?

Yes as a parent we want the best for our child. We want him/her to excel in academics, in personal development, in his all round growth. As parents we know how much our child is capable of achieving and try our best for him to reach the heights he deserves. We of course also benchmark our child against the opportunities we can provide for him versus what we had got as children. Today we can offer our child exposure to various sports, art classes, music, dance…the list is endless versus our time where all these opportunities were not so widely prevalent.

This is the starting point of frustration for many parents who see themselves as providing their child with a wide array of opportunities and their child sitting back not motivated to pursue anything. Parents are witness to their child’s brilliance and capabilities on the one hand and also his lackadaisical attitude on the other, leaving most parents feeling frustrated and helpless. As the proactive mother who came to me for help with this issue knowing that her child’s continued inertia would mark the decline of his current academic and personal development.

There are many reasons for your child not being motivated to excel or to have fallen into a pattern of inertia and ‘cant be bothered attitude.’ From external factors like the friends he associates with to internal self-confidence issues. What is important to know is that this lack of drive and inertia can be resolved by you as parents or with the help of coaching your child to develop the requisite life skills to get him back on track.
In the video Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 81, I share some strategies on how to encourage your child to give his best.

  • Enroll your child for some regular physical activity. What normally happens with children like these is that they come back from school and park themselves on the couch in front of the TV or their computers. Yes they are allowed to ‘unwind’ and relax but not at the expense of becoming lethargic and lazy. Young children need to have a daily form of physical exercise (just like us adults) and the more energized and alert the body is the more positively it impacts the mind.
  • What is your child’s passion? What does he truly want? What excites him? Figure out the activity that your child enjoys and looks forward to doing.
  • Expose your child to a variety of activities and interests so that he can take his pick. Of course you do this within reasonable limit for the purpose of helping your child pick his favorite activity (that might also change with time).
  • How you ensure your child pursues and follows through with his choice is by parental involvement. As a parent if your child has picked art as his choice activity you need to take him to museums, art exhibitions, discuss art etc. When you buy a small plant, for it to grow to be healthy and strong you need to provide it with the right amount of sunshine and water to nurture it. In the same way you need to provide a stimulating environment for your child to maintain his interest. Its not where you hand over your child to the activity class, pay for it and expect him to follow through. Your involvement and encouragement is crucial.
  • Focus your attention and your child’s attention NOT on the end result but on the journey. What are the skills and values he is developing while pursuing his passion. As human being we are driven by goals and dreams which is great for creating the momentum in our lives. But we spend the majority of our time pursuing that goal, we are on the path, on that journey and what we learn and who we become is what helps us lead truly fulfilling lives. Your child will develop life long skills and values like confidence, focus, perseverance, drive, motivation, resilience etc. along the way that will help him create academic and personal success.

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