Parents enroll their children for my program, Youth Coaching with Sunaina for various issues ranging from low self-confidence, poor time-management, lack of focus, poor communication skills etc. And through the program children begin to experience a transformation that is reflected in the way they carry themselves and the results in their life.
Having coached children from the ages of eight to eighteen, through the years what has become apparent is the role and undeniable impact of parents on children. As I coach children through their issues one by one, what is always needed to sustain children through the transition is the support of their parents and family.

[/two_column][/row]When I started to coach children I was naïve enough to think that that would be enough. But in my “at the door” conversations with parents I felt how much parents needed coaching too. And there were many times that I was “coaching parents at the door” because they felt so helpless and disempowered when they witnessed their child’s struggles. And through this need was born Family Coaching with Sunaina, a program that addresses the needs of the entire family.

As your family coach I work with you from a place of acceptance and non-judgment, sprinkled with love and compassion. There is no right or wrong parent or child, there is no fixing to be done within the family. What is needed is compassionate listening to every member of the family. What comes forth when I coach a family is how many times parents are fearful, lacking life skills themselves, carrying the guilt of not fulfilling their parental role, not being able to comprehend what their child is going through and trying to reach out in all earnestness to help their child but often being met with aggression and rejection.

On the other hand, the child is feeling misunderstood, guilty of his/her own misdemeanors and like a person drowning in raging waters, the child thrashes out words and volcanic emotions without knowing how much hurt it is causing.

We are all products of our experiences. However, we have a CHOICE. A choice to either learn from our experiences or to get sucked into a quagmire and make excuses for every wrong. “I am like this because of my parents and my upbringing…” and generations continue to be imprisoned.

Family Coaching with Sunaina is based on the understanding that all family problems can be solved with each person taking individual responsibility for their actions and understanding their choices.
I help you to break free from any patterns no longer serving you, archaic beliefs that you might have inherited as children from your parents and are now parenting your children with.

What I bring to a family is a set of tools for enhanced communication that allows a space for positive and empowered personal growth. Through Family Coaching with Sunaina, you transform as an individual first, a parent next. And on many occasions I have witnessed every family member experience their own personal transformation and together create a whole new family design of loving relationships, peace and harmony.

And when you are empowered you can create the right environment for yourself, your partner and your children to thrive.