Concentrate on Studies: How do I motivate my child?

Concentrate on Studies


Many parents struggle with this issue of how their kids can concentrate on studies so that they can do well in their exams and get good results.

Concentrate on studies is a lifelong mantra for kids around the world starting from a really tender age when kids should be playing more but unfortunately the competitive nature of schools has resulted in the focus shifting from playing to studies.

The big issue of how to concentrate on studies:

A mother has written in saying that her 13 year old son who is bright in maths and sciences is lazy to write and hurries to finish the question papers without reading the questions properly and is careless. He wastes his time at home in front of the TV or gadgets. He only studies if she prompts him or sits with him. However this mother is empowered enough to know that she can help her child by changing herself!

Inorder to help this mother help her child to concentrate on his studies the points discussed were:

  • Ensure that his study area is clutter free

    and he sits in the same place everyday. Every place has an energy to it just like the way I have a fixed place where I meditate and work. Once the child sits in his regular spot – desk or chair he knows that he needs to focus and concentrate.

  • Studies and play time has to be scheduled. Sit with him and create a schedule of when he needs to study and his break and relaxation times so that all of you are clear on when he should be doing what.
  • Make him responsible for his work without too many negotiations. Communicate to him that when he completes X number of hours or completes X amount of studying only then can he go out with his friends or watch TV or games.
  • Understand that all children are different and how they study plus how much they study varies. Do not compare him to his siblings or friends as that will further demotivate him. Learn to accept your child as is with his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create an environment that will help your son to focus on school work. Avoid being over controlling and breathing down his neck. Avoid nagging him because he will switch off from studying and try and process your negative emotions.
  • It is important to have a study and life balance. Encourage your child to exercise or play outside so that he feels active and alert rather than stressed and lethargic. Then he can concentrate on his studies better.
  • Allow him to focus his time on subjects he enjoys, his strengths. Because the positive energy he gets from that utilization of his time he can use that energy on other more difficult areas of studies.
  • Find out whether your child lacks motivation or is he suffering from anxiety? When kids feel pressurized within, or from peers or parents to perform well at exams, they unconsciously get demotivated if pushed beyond a limit and lose the drive to study as they go into stress mode. Your child might be suffering from pressure of expectations of others rather than an issue of concentrate on studies.


Children feel if they cannot achieve a certain exam result then they tend to give up during the study phase and therefore they procrastinate by watching TV or playing games. They use distractions to deal with the anxiety and stress building up within them and as a parent you think it is a lack of concentrate on studies issue.

So it becomes imperative that you create a family environment where the child feels relaxed and responsible for his own success.

If you are struggling just like this mother to motivate your son or daughter to concentrate on studies, you can jump onto a call with me to discuss your specific situation by filling (takes 3 mins) up this FORM