Focus on studies: How to get your child to study during exams?

Focus on studies


Focus on studies for kids is a question that comes up almost every week if not everyday.

But this issue about focus on studies with regards to kids comes to a peak just before the exam season for obvious reasons.

I had a stressed parent asking me:

😳 How do I get my child to focus on studies during exams without supervising him?

🚲 Just like we start off teaching kids how to cycle by using training wheels, we need to put into place certain healthy habits around studying much in advance of the exams instead of panicking at the last moment.
We discussed this in 3 parts in my recent LIVE video:

(A) The physical ENVIRONMENT that your child studies in:

– should be the same place he sits everyday
– should be clean and clutter free
– no phones and gadgets
– no TV on in the background causing him to be distracted
– fixed time (approximately) of daily studying and revision
This eliminates daily nagging and drama. Both you and your child know WHERE he is studying and WHEN he is studying. So you can manage your chores and work around his time and there is no need for constant reminders.
It takes time to cultivate study habits and you cannot expect your child to learn overnight – just like you need to be patient when teaching him how to cycle.

(B) YOU – Parents – what is your contribution in his focus and studying habits

How are you managing your EXPECTATIONS about your child studying and his marks.
– are you realistic about your child’s aptitude
– are you realistic about how much he/she should be studying (age appropriate – I get lots of parents asking how they can make a 6 year old study for 2 hours a day! in my books that is not possible – but that’s a topic for another day!)
– about how he studies
– what are your EXPECTATIONS about his marks and how he does in his exams?
Because YOU could be contributing to the STRESS and ANXIETY your child might be suffering from. I have coached many teenagers who have shared how their parents are the reason for their lack of focus!!! and how much they feel the pressure of their parents. (combined of course with school and peer pressure)


Are you taking the ownership of your child’s good results or owning the disappointment of him doing badly in his exams?
Are you proudly sharing photos of your child’s success and his trophies on social media and then shedding tears when he fares badly?
Have you considered allowing your child to feel the joy of doing well and the disappointment of faring badly?
Unless you GIVE the ownership of your child’s exams and studying to HIM – how will he motivate himself to do well?
Let me know what you think about GIVING your child the OWNERSHIP of his actions/studying or not studying and the consequences thereof?
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