How to motivate my child to do well in school – Exam Revision Strategies

How to motivate my child to do well in school - Exam Revision Strategies

How to motivate my child to do well in school

is something every parent wants to know. This question becomes even more pertinent as exams approach. I do not know any parent who does not want his child to excel in academics. The schooling systems in every part of the world espouse examination systems that assess how good a child is in various subjects irrespective of the interest or aptitude of the child. Therefore it becomes imperative that parents learn the strategies on how to motivate my child to do well in school.

However, out of fear of failure parents put their child through grueling pressure both within and outside the house so that their child comes out of the exams with flying colors leading kids to really dread the word exam.

Parents have contacted me asking about the best revision strategies that will help their child excel in exams.

So in our Monday Morning LIVE we discussed some researched strategies that can support your child in putting his best foot forward.

But before we get to the revision strategies the single MOST important factor that will determine your child’s performance is the Home Environment. You need to learn effective ways on

how to motivate my child to do well in school

Parents are completely responsible for creating an environment that is relaxed and stress free so that their child is motivated to do well in school and can focus and revise in the best possible home conditions without feeling undue pressure. Yes, easier said than done if you are not clear about the kind of stress and pressure you are causing your child to feel, as shared by many kids I have coached over the last 9 years.

There are some exam revision strategies that can help your child and motivate him to do well in school IF you have the home environment sorted:

1) Quizzing –

this is an old-fashioned but effective method whereby a student can truly assess how well he knows his subject. For younger kids parents can devise short quizzes to test their understanding of concepts and knowledge with the result the child might feel more motivated to do well in school.

2) Flash Cards –

creating Flash Cards for quick recall and memory is a great way to revise key concepts and terminology leading up to exams. You can motivate and encourage your child to do this at home.

3) Just a minute –

great way for kids to revise is to speak for one minute on a topic that they have learnt. This way they can work out how well they know a subject as they know they have to retrieve that topic from memory.

4) Teach it to learn it –

the best way to learn is to teach because then one elaborates on a subject. Ask your child to teach a peer or a younger sibling or even you and he will know how well he knows his concepts. This is a key strategy for you to learn how to motivate my child to do well in school.

5) Past Papers –

one of the most well known strategies – to get your child to do a past paper under exam conditions and timed accordingly. This will help him go through both his mental response (anxiety or calm) during exams and help him overcome it way ahead of the exams. He will of course also understand how much he needs to elaborate where the marks require it so that he does well in school.


If you are struggling to communicate with your child or if your home environment is too stressed and full of anxiety reach out to me as that will be the biggest reason for your child’s anxiety related to exams. Don’t wait for his results, contact me now via this form: