7 Day FREE Challenge: How to get your child to LISTEN to you without being a NAG!

In this 7 Day Challenge You’ll Learn:

1) How children to make children to listen and do their tasks.2) How to communicate so that your children listen.

3) Feel more focused and confident in communicating as a Parent.

4) Feel less drained and exhausted and irritable towards your children.

5) How both parents and children can be more in harmony with each other and not at logger heads.

6) Discover the Secret formula where you no longer need to repeat repeat repeat.

7) Recipe for Children to respect and take their parents more seriously. (not close their ears or turn their back)

8) Uncover the True meaning of peaceful and harmonious family.


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Your Coach: Sunaina Vohra

I am a Youth & Family Life Coach and help pre-teens, teens and parents to create positive transformations in themselves, more understanding and open communication in their relationships thereby creating love and harmony in the family.

As a Youth & Family Life Coach I work with young children and teenagers helping them overcome various issues like:

– low self-confidence

– negative peer pressure at school or college

– bullying

– poor time management

– lack of focus/concentration

– poor communication skills

– low self-esteem

– procrastination

– not having clarity with regard to goals

– inability to cultivate friendships

Athena Life Coaching’s mission: Contributing to world peace and harmony by creating it at the atomic level of one family at a time.


I truly believe that if we can create peace and harmony at the family level, we could eradicate a lot of the unrest and war we see around us. If we could teach our children to be more tolerant, calm, focused, disciplined, to relax more, to have a charitable nature, to receive but also learn how to share and give, we could create young leaders who could take the world into a realm of peace, harmony and love.