How can I get off this hamster wheel of worrying? Please help me!

Worrying can sometimes take over our lives in a very unconscious way. Just like bad habits develop over time, worry is another habit that can prove detrimental in the long run impacting our mental and physical health. Most health issues these days go back to the one common identifiable cause “stress” another word for accumulated state of being worried.

And usually its not the big worries that cause the everyday problems it’s the small ones. Examples ranging from – “Hope I get to the office on time,” “I hope I don’t get a B grade in my exam” to “I hope she didn’t mind that I couldn’t make it to her party.” These niggly everyday stressors begin to accumulate over time, causing us to roll down the hill of worry gathering more and more momentum till one day it causes us to have a complete breakdown either mentally or physically.

As we near the festive season with Christmas a couple of days away and the New Year in the not so distant future we have other modern day worries overcome us like the presents to buy and the parties to attend. Our immediate families and ourselves encapsulate us in this festive period. If we zoom out and see the world around us, we will begin to see how much we have to be grateful for….well that’s a subject for another blog!

A young mother who has written in asking: How can I get off this hamster wheel of worrying? Please help me!

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  1. Write down the things you worry about. Instead of trying to avoid the topics sit down and pen them down or rather pin them down.
  2. Fix a certain time everyday, schedule worry time into your day. So that if you catch yourself worrying at another time you can postpone it to the next day for your ‘worry slot.”
  3. Become aware of your language and what you are saying. Remember words reflect your life. Words are how you define your experiences and therefore your life. Use positive language like preparing for the event.
  4. Focus on what you want to happen. Not on what you don’t want to happen.
  5. Worry about things that you can control, not on things like the weather, traffic, government policies etc.

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