How can I manage office politics without falling victim to it?

Office politics is a harsh reality and no corporation can deny its existence. Some companies are blessed to have less politics thanks to the culture and values of both the company and the professionals working there, and some companies suffer with politics, which ultimately impacts the productivity of its employees.

Corporations are made of individuals with different values, motivators, experiences and strengths. Junior employees can be a victim of the politics of seniors, colleagues vying for the same promotion can indulge in politics, employees lacking in their own skills depend on politics to get them into a better position in the eyes of their seniors, so the reasons can be numerous.

A 28 year old professional woman from the IT industry has written in saying that she has fallen victim to the politicking of her colleagues senior to her. She does not want to take revenge or a negative step, on the contrary she want to learn how to manage this ugly scenario.

Today’s video blog, Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 62, I discuss the strategies to help this young professional navigate the dirty office politics:

  1. Maintain a distance from those colleagues who indulge in office politics. Use your observation to identify those people and stay away from them so as to avoid any identification in the long term with such trouble makers.
  2. Understand what motivates these people. What are their goals and motives so that you can steer clear of any possible confrontations with them. Remember the people who indulge in office politics to gain favor are the ones who are not confident of their own skills and strengths. By indulging in politics they try and win favors because they feel they cannot do it via their own merit.
  3. Be professional and stay focused on opportunities that you can showcase your strengths. Take on projects and assignments where your work can speak about your capabilities. As you build your relationships, you need to learn to use them to stay clear of negative politicking, and also to promote yourself and your team positively. It is up to you to communicate your own and your team’s abilities and successes to the right people, and you can do this through positive action at the workplace.
  4. Be a good listener. When you spend more time listening, you are less likely to say something that will come back to harm you later. Listening will help you to observe others in your organization and know the ones from whom you need to maintain a distance.
  5. Manage your own behaviors. Stay positive and do not complain or indulge in passing on rumors. People in an organization look to one another to see how to act, and you want your colleagues to refrain from negative politics by fostering collaboration and teamwork instead of petty rivalries, jealousy, and back-stabbing. Act the way you want your colleagues to act, and they will follow you.

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