How can I stick to my goals and resolutions set in the new year?

Its only another day – another sunrise and another sunset – but somehow there is something so magical about the year ending on a 31st December and a freshness and an opportunity to set new goals and resolutions on 1st January.

As a Life Coach helping people create transformations in their lives, I encourage all my clients to let go of all the things that did not work for them in the previous year, siphon out the learnings and build on their successes.

In my coaching sessions I help my clients to set long, medium and short-term goals at the start of the year and then develop strategies to overcome any challenges, meet those goals and celebrate their successes to keep them motivated throughout the year. By having me by their side, my clients know that they have someone to hold them accountable for each milestone and keep them motivated to reach for the next. Of course celebrating my clients success with them is the sweetest reward!

Bringing us to the topic of today’s video blog where some viewers have written in asking: “How can I achieve my goals and resolutions set at the start of the year? (instead of carrying them forward every year)”

I have shared with you some strategies to help you start the new year with outlining your goals and resolutions in such a way that you achieve those goals instead of carrying them forward to another year:

  • State your resolutions and goals in the positive. Example: Instead of saying: “I will stop being lazy in the new year”. State your goal in the positive saying: “I will walk four times a week.” As soon as you say that you visualize yourself walking in your sports gear!
  • Announce your resolution and goals to the world! Especially to a friend or buddy who can keep you focused and accountable on your goals. Example: Go walking with your friend in the morning or your colleague to the gym at lunch hour. This way you can keep each other motivated.
  • Own you resolution. Are you trying to achieve this goal because your spouse wants you to be more fit or is it because it is going to get you to the next level in a particular area of your life. Own your goals – they are going to benefit you.
  • Why am I setting myself this goal or resolution? Think about the short, medium and long term benefits of how achieving your goal or resolution will impact you. Example: After walking four times a week for the next week, next month, next six months how will you look, feel and see yourself? Connect with who you will become if you achieved your goals or resolutions.
  • Take that first step. Break outside your comfort zone and inertia. Set yourself smaller goals – example – start by walking 30 minutes twice a week. By taking that first step in the direction of your goals you will slowly break the old pattern and build new and powerful habits in the direction of your goals.

Action: If you need professional help, a life coach to guide you in creating SMART Goals and then outlining a plan with milestones to achieve the next level in your life, book NOW by emailing