How can I stop myself from spiraling into a depression while looking for a new job?

For professionals who have just resigned or been laid off from their current job and are in the job market seeking new assignments it can be an extremely frustrating period. Our jobs are much more than just the way we make a living; they influence how we see ourselves, as well as give us structure, purpose, and meaning. That is why job loss and unemployment is one of the most stressful things we can experience. Men especially suffer from depression and anxiety during this difficult period of being in between jobs.

Given the current economic scenario no one is assured of the jobs they hold. We are all witness to no level of management being spared the axe. It is in these trying times, when we lose our job it can test the resilience of the best of us. Men especially identify very closely with their jobs and their sense of self worth is shaken in such times.

People in this situation (especially men) are extremely vulnerable to depression as they:

  • Deal with the loss of identity from not having a steady job,
  • Deal with the constant rejections from potential employers,
  • Struggle to find a reason to get up in the morning,
  • Tighten the belt financially,
  • Live with the regrets of decisions that have led them to this point,
  • Lose hope and wonder if anyone will ever give them a chance

Today a professional from a mid-management level who has been laid off shares his frustration asking: “How can I stop myself from spiraling into a depression while looking for a new job?

The good news is that despite the stress of job loss and unemployment, there are many things you can do to take control of the situation and stay positive. In today’s video Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 61, we talk about the 5 strategies you can use to help you overcome this challenging time:

1) Do not isolate yourself. It is tough to lose a job. Continue to socialised and go out with friends and peers. Don’t underestimate the importance of other people when you’re faced with job loss and unemployment. Be proactive. Let people know that you have lost your job and are looking for work.

2) Volunteer your time and focus your energy on helping others. Utilize your talents. Unemployment can wear on your self-esteem and make you feel unworthy. Volunteering helps you maintain a sense of value and purpose. And helping others is an instantaneous mood booster. Volunteering can also help you to utlilize your current skills, provide social support, and networking opportunities.

3) Use your free time to build your skill set and add value to yourself. If you lack a skill commonly required for jobs you’re seeking, spend time each day building that skill. Take advantage of numerous free resources online, including tutorials, e-books, and how-to videos. By taking temporary work, or signing up for a class that develops your professional tool kit, you show employers that you’ve made the most of your time and will be ready on day one.

4) Keep applying for jobs even if you do not think that you are an exact fit. Being unemployed for a while, you start feeling the tinge of rejection and may start slowing down on sending those applications. Do not get disheartened, you need to keep applying for a range of jobs including ones that you may think that you are not the exact fit for.

5) Stay focused on being healthy by eating nutritious foods, sleeping at the right times and maintaining an exercise regime. The stress of job loss and unemployment can take a toll on your health. Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself. That means looking after your emotional and physical needs and making stress management a priority.

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