In the formative years of our lives we start to form beliefs (what you think you can or cannot do) about our capabilities and our experiences – poor at math, good at running, unlucky in love, working hard means more financial independence, if you fail in academics you will remain a failure in life, good friends are hard to find and so on.

Beliefs cause us to manifest our lives in accordance with what we ‘believe to be true’ about ourselves and our lives and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A simple example is a belief like ‘I can never make enough money.’ Even when you have opportunities under your nose to create abundance, you will not see them because you are so busy trying to match your reality to your internal belief. Beliefs are one of the strongest powers of the human mind and can propel you into abundance or drag you into darkness depending on what your beliefs are.

We live our lives in the confines of a very restricted mental space – allocating labels to ourselves or taking the ones given to us by family, friends, teachers and figures of authority. Example: quiet, reserved, outgoing, bossy, slow, domineering, loser, rigid, perfectionist, realist, pessimist, dumb, narcissistic, nerd, middle-class, smart, simple, rich, poor etc.

The labels prevent us from ‘thinking outside this box’ that we have created for ourselves. An example can be to think of yourself as quiet and reserved, even if you have the opportunity to speak up and socialize you have lived so long under the given label that you convince yourself that ‘I cant do it, as I am quiet and reserved.’ And continue to live inside the box you have labeled, suppressing any thoughts of breaking out and expanding your being.

Values are the things that are important to you. The essence of what you believe in – family, loyalty, honesty, adventure, significance, friendship, perseverance etc. Most of us go through life without an awareness of our values, what is important to us and when we do not fulfill these values we feel as if life is drudgery and confusion prevails. Everyday becomes a series of to-do-lists that we have to complete without any joy or passion.

We live our lives, despite having access to a mansion with infinite rooms; confined in a cramped room due to past experiences, our beliefs, our labels with little space to breathe or think clearly causing us to shrink our very being.

Life Coaching with Sunaina

Life Coaching is like opening up hidden doors to rooms in this huge mansion. Some dusty and old rooms of past experiences and beliefs that need to be cleaned and aired, some new and unopened rooms leading to your vast inner potential waiting to be tapped to create the life and results you so long for.

Life Coaching with Sunaina, is about embarking on this journey of self-awareness, knowing yourself more by opening some of the dusty old rooms with labels and beliefs that are holding you back and no longer serving you. And with more doors being opened and rooms discovered you feel a shift in your present reality. And with this shift will come a change in what you have been aiming for.

You find yourself striving for newer and bigger goals and dreams.

We will then explore your mansion and start mining and discovering your values and your life purpose, what are the components that would truly make your life fulfilling. What will make you live each moment with a song in every step you take.

We will then put together an action plan to achieve your goals and dreams with beliefs that serve you, values that propel you towards creating the life of your dreams.

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