Ever wish you could:

  • Shake off all that guilt and negativity around being a bad parent?
  • Clear your doubts around good and bad parenting once and for all?
  • Communicate so that your child responds to you the way you want him/her to?
  • Make sense of the confusion you are enveloped in as a parent?
  • Be more calm and patient with your kids?
  • Build a family with love and harmony?

Many parents come to me feeling confused and frustrated about where they are going wrong with their child.

All of us, as parents, have the best intentions for our children. But sometimes, those intentions seem to get warped.

At times, it may feel like the child you so lovingly brought into the world has become an alien. He/she no longer understands what you are trying to say.

At other times, you may heart-breakingly realize that you belong to the enemy camp in your child’s world. Whatever you say or do gets only a negative response.

How do you manage your own overwhelming emotions in such times?

I have the perfect answer for you.

Athena’s ‘Parent as Coach’ Program is a six-week program for parents like you who are intelligent enough to know that when you change and transform, your entire family will transform with you.

In this private coaching program, I will take you through Parent coaching methodologies so that you can coach your own children, for more love and harmony in the family.

Together, we will set an agenda for the 6-weeks and work towards achieving the top three results you aspire for in your relationship with your child and family.

I will guide you step-by-step, sharing answers, methods and strategies with you so that you can become a better parent, and create a harmonious relationship with your child.

The most important thing to remember is, it all starts with you.

Rooted in self-care, this program isn’t for parents who believe that they are 100% right and their kids are 100% wrong. It is, in fact a program for parents who are brave enough to face their own shortcomings and are willing to take responsibility to change their parenting ways.

The well-being of your child, and the love and harmony of your family begins with one thing – YOU.

So the question is...

  • Are you willing to change?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility for the way you are parenting your child right now?
  • Are you willing to show up differently in the world – as the best version of you – so that you can evolve into a better parent?
  • Are you willing to learn what it takes to coach your own child?

If your answer is yes,


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live in Dubai to go through this program?

With the advancement in technology you can enroll for this program from anywhere in the world. You can use Skype or telephone. All you need is a working internet connection. I have coached clients from all over the world - USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Singapore.

What if I am traveling in the middle of the course?

As long as you can give 48 hours notice I can put your remaining sessions on hold till such time as you can resume the sessions.

Do you have a refund policy or guarantee of any kind?

There is no refund of the fees as this program needs your commitment to make it successful for you. I promise to give 500% of myself and can guarantee that if you do the same you will achieve what you have set out for through this program.

What happens if I need to reschedule a session?

You can send me an email to reschedule 48 hours before your session, as simple as that.

How much time do I need to invest in this?

One hour for the session each week. And depending on what I ask you to practice another 15 minutes per day.

Ready to enroll?