Are you a family who lives away from their home country?

The more I coach children and parents – the more I have begun to notice a pattern in the challenges faced by families who are living away from their home country.
There is a conflict between the way parents have been brought up in home ground and how they see their children picking up values and cultural traits that are not necessarily their own.

Parents feel torn and their sense of loyalty towards their country, culture and home feels challenged. Children feel confused and misunderstood. Their is a general sense of disharmony with neither parent nor child understanding the cause.

Today’s question is from one such mum who asks: My children are imbibing values from their peer group that are different from our family’s values. A question that I have dealt with on many occasions while coaching children and parents.

This is what I advised this mum:

1) Be more accepting of your current environment since you have made the decision to live in a different environment to yours.

2) Spend time with your children reiterating the values and culture of your home country.

3) Besides school and friends what media are your children exposed to? What messages are they receiving?

4) As parents you need to expose your children to the values, culture, traditions through modeling them to your children.

5) Be involved – take them back to your home country, expose them to the culture and traditions you want them to follow, discuss the values of your family.
So I hope this video blog helps you to design your family life giving your children space to grow ‘global wings’ whilst remaining rooted to their values, traditions and culture!

Action: What is it in your current environment that you respect and admire that you want your children to absorb and thereby create a bridge in your relationship.