Are you struggling to take your child away from the internet and TV?

Yes technology is a huge help for all of us – parents and children alike. Nowadays children do not have to spend time pouring over encyclopedias to unearth the treasures of knowledge, it is available at their fingertipsvia the internet. The internet serves not only as an old wise man with all the answers but also serves the purpose of toys, games, entertainment etc.

The internet starts off as a respite for parents to send their children into its arms so that they (parents) can get a breather or pursue their own search for knowledge or entertainment. Over a period of time what starts of as a few minutes of “entertainment” can get stretched to chunks of time browsing the internet for knowledge and entertainment and children step over the thin lines into the dark chasm of addiction to the internet.

Recently I am being approached by more and more parents regarding their struggles to try and move their child away from the television and internet towards their academics and other activities as they are witnessing their child’s motivation plummet downwards.

In Episode 75 we explore strategies on how to ensure that your child does not lose sight of his interests and goals and become a slave of the internet or TV.

  • As parents you need to create boundaries around what he can and cannot watch. Sit with your child and watch the same serial whether you are interested or not. Show an interest, learn more about the serials so that you know whether he is watching the appropriate things
  • Time limit. As a parent you need to specify the number of hours he can watch TV or YouTube on weekdays and weekends. Weekdays are already heavy with homework, assignments and extra curricular activities and therefore it should be discouraged and more emphasis must be laid on spending the remaining time as family quality time.
  • Your child’s resources. A client of mine admitted to me that due to her new project she is unable to give any time to her children and knows she is neglecting them. The children are bored at home after returning from school and the only respite they have is to watch their favorite shows on YouTube or play games on the internet. Have you scheduled any family time together so that your children look forward to their time with their parents more than accessing other channels of entertainment.
  • What are you modeling? Another couple came to me recently complaining about their teenage daughter’s time spent on social media etc. and while leaving at the door the mother then pointed to her husband and said he returns from work and sits on his ipad and phone despite any important topic she would like to talk to him about. So what are the children seeing and then following?
  • To move your child away from the TV or internet he needs to be attracted to doing something that inspires and motivates him. Does your child know about his goals? What his passion is? Does he have clarity around what he would like to excel in? Do you as a parent know how to help him?

If the answer is NO – then contact to know more about Athena’s Youth Coaching Program for children 12+ where we help you to stop struggling to take your child away from distractions and through the program help your child to identify his goals, get clarity on his strengths and passions, map out a plan to achieve academic and personal success.