As a working mother I feel I do not spend enough time on my child’s development

As mothers we tend to be hard on ourselves most of the time – our thoughts raging around how we could have spoken calmly to our child instead of raising our voice, how we could have remembered to dress him up for book day instead of letting the day slip by with him returning home teary eyed, how we could spend more time with our child instead of staying late at work…. The list of how we could be better mothers is endless and for working mothers the list is even longer accompanied with a constant chatter of guilt around less time with your child.

The grass is greener on the other side is an old adage that can aptly be used for the working mum versus the stay at home mum. Usually working mums feel that they are at a disadvantage because they have less number of hours with their child. Working mums can also be overcome with guilt for not doing enough.

In Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 73 we explore the reasons why you are working and how you can make small changes to ease of your guilt and build a positive bond with your child:

  • You might be working for various reasons ranging from:
  • needing an additional income for the household
  • pursuing your passion
  • somebody needs your expertise
  • Your income could be helping your child be in a better school, pursuing activities and hobbies that otherwise you might not have been able to provide without your income
  • You could be working because your passion is driving you and the more you work the more you bring to the table for your child, spouse and entire family. When you pursue your passion you are on a higher vibratory level. Your passion would help you be more confident, fulfilled and thereby happy and that would help you be a better parent and spouse.
  • You could be working to optimise your expertise and the hard work you had put in to earn your degree or certification.

Given there are a myriad of reasons you are working (that need to make sense only to you) you need to now find the best way to spend time with your child to create a strong bond instead of feeling guilty and small.

Action for the coming week:

  • Set ONE thing or agenda of what your child wants to do. Example: read a book together, watch a movie, finish a project, a music piece, an artwork where you spend time together planning, researching and executing it. In this way your child will associate that ‘thing’ with time spent with you. He will feel how you have positively contributed to complete one thing that week. So the focus will shift from the time to the task completed.
  • Your child is learning many values from seeing you work.
  • the value of money and how you are contributing to bringing in money that helps him to pursue his hobbies etc.
  • the value of hardwork
  • time-management skills seeing you balance not only your personal needs, your child’s needs, your spouse’ needs, the entire household and your professional life.

If you have any guilt associated with working or want to know how you can be a better parent email me on to book your session NOW.