Do you know the No.1 mistake parents make?

A lot of times we think that we make mistakes in our roles as parents. In my experience as a coach what comes up while coaching children is the pressure parents put on themselves to be the perfect parent first and then how they set unrealistic expectations of their child.

Parents tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves for various reasons – from wanting to be the perfect parent, individual or professional and struggle in this vicious cycle of creating unrealistic expectations.  And these unrealistic expectations start from themselves – stretching themselves beyond their capability and resources. This unrealistic stretching causes them to keep striving for things that might break them rather than motivate them, causing stress and anxiety.

This is the energy that children pick up and the vicious cycle continues through the family where children model their parents. And sometimes parents set unrealistic expectations of their children and what their achievements and goals should be; thus setting the tone for an environment doomed for stress and tension.

Today’s video blog, Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 59, I discuss the No.1 mistake that parents make which is unrealistic expectations:

1)   Ask yourself – do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself – as a parent, friend, professional? Are you putting pressure on yourself ?

2)   Your children are watching you all the time and pick up this energy – seeing you living under these unrealistic expectations. Your child learns that this is life of striving beyond.

3)   Unrealistic expectations are NOT goals.

4)   Unrealistic expectations will cause stress and anxiety.

5)   As a parent do you have unrealistic expectations of your child?

Action: Write down all the expectations you have for yourself and of your child, and see which of these are unrealistic. How can you make these achievable goals?

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