Do you want FREE membership to a supportive Parent Community?

Do you desire to be part of a community that is supportive, nurturing and caring?

– a community where you can safely discuss your everyday parenting issues and challenges.

– a community where you will feel you are not alone in your parenting journey

– a community where you will feel you can open your heart out

– a community where every one is equal

– a community where there is no judgment or ridicule

– a community where as a parent you can ask any question related to yourself or your child

– a community where everyone is supportive and understands you

– a community where you can share your mistakes so that others can learn and benefit

– a community where you can celebrate your moments of parenting glory

– a community whose mission is to create peace, harmony and love in the family unit, because only then can we create peace, harmony and love in the world

As a special NEW YEAR GIFT to all parents of children 8+ I am offering a FREE membership to ATHENA’S PARENTING COMMUNITY, a closed group on Facebook that I have formed as a result of all the requests of my clients, viewers, followers and friends for a need of such a platform for parents

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A small message by me on the reason behind forming this community and what is expected of the members in terms of participation in the group.

I am inviting all parents of children eight years and above to join Athena’s Parenting Community on Facebook and get the following benefits:

  • You are invited to discuss any parenting issues and challenges you might face on a daily basis and we will all do our best to support and guide each other via our collective experience and knowledge.
  • All discussions are confidential.
  • Any information here cannot be used outside of this group in any form, verbal or written or on cyberspace.
  • Sunaina Vohra is in the role of facilitator to bring forth positive discussions and manage this group.
  • Kindly refrain from any negative comments.

As the group evolves we will add more dos and don’t to maximize the benefit of its members so that you can get your queries answered while feeling supported and heard.

Action: Become a FREE member of Athena’s Parenting Community by clicking on Facebook here
or email me your Full Name and Facebook name NOW via