How to reduce stress and anger and be a more relaxed and calm mom?

I’m so delighted to be back with you with a completely refreshed new plan to do with coaching, not only for adults, for teenagers, but now offering an awesomely splendid program for mums like you and for mums like me.

You now how it is we mums we get sucked into our daily grind, the routine. 24/7 the wheel is churning, and what happens? Eventually we get drained and worn out, and a little bit out of breath. and who do we forget about in all of this? We forget about ourselves, and what is the impact of that? The impact is, that we are actually physically there, with our husbands and with our children, but mentally and spiritually we’re absent. We are ratty, we are irritated, we lose our cool, on more occasions than needed. And we do nothing to nurture ourselves, and to help ourselves rejuvenate.

So this special program, ‘Moms Who Rock’ is for mum like you and for mums like me to not only nurture ourselves, to not learn only to care about ourselves, love ourselves, but have that impact not only on ourselves, but on our children and husbands and on the whole family. Helping us to maintain a family, to create a family life, that is full of love, that is balanced, and that is enjoyable.

You can join me for free by emailing me on this email Send me an email just showing interest that your name and email address and that you would like to join which webinar, the morning one on or the evening one if you are working. It’s a free webinar of hour where I will go through with you the various steps that you and I need to take to start this new year with a fresh perspective, refreshed, rejuvenated, feeling loved, and being able to love others. Being completely there for ourselves and for our family. So do join in for this very very valuable webinar, offering strategies for you to be a mum who rocks! Looking forward to receiving your emails, for your confirmations.