How do I overcome my guilt of not being a good mom?

I have got a question from a mum who asked me this question. I feel very guilty. I feel like I’m not a good mom. One of the laws we discussed and one of the unsaid laws of motherhood that we discussed was, ‘ I have to be a perfect mom.’ And the question I asked the participants and I ask you today to think about as a mother is, close your eyes, and ask, who said so? Who said I have to be a perfect mom? Where have I got this dictate from? Is it from watching my own mother? Is it the media? Is it perfectionism that I have put on by myself? And what are the pressures I’m living with?

I’d like you mom today for the next 1 minute, just imagine yourself, just imagine, just visualize, allowing yourself to make mistakes, giving yourself permission as a mother to be wrong once in while. Giving yourself permission to actually fail at being a mother once in a while. How would that feel? How would that feel. Deep breathe in. if you just allowed yourself, to make mistakes and acknowledge them. Does it feel like it’s a little bit of pressure off your shoulders? Does it feel a little bit more relaxed, to say to yourself that I give myself permission to be in the wrong? And mums what you need to realize is, when you give yourself permission to be wrong and acknowledge the mistakes that you may be making, either with your children, or your husband, or even outside, your children are watching you, they are modeling you. And yes they do look up to their parents as gods and goddesses, and they are modeling your behavior all the time, but they will also realize that ‘to err is human, and to forgive is divine.’ To err mom is human, and to forgive yourself FIRST is divine, that is what we miss out.

It is sometimes easier to forgive others, but if you practice with yourself to forgive yourself, it becomes even much easier to forgive others. So then your children will watch you make a mistake, say sorry for that mistake, admit that you made a mistake, learn from it, and then let it go. Your children will watch you as their gods and goddesses. Seeing them, seeing you as a mom make mistakes and learn from it. So mom, its absolutely cool for you to not be the most perfect mom because you’re beautiful as you are and you rock as you are. So in front of your children and in front of yourself, follow these few steps where you give yourself permission to relax. Give yourself permission to be human and give yourself permission to be the best mom there is. Moms as a take away from today’s video blog I’d like to practice an affirmation for 1 minute a day. Close your eyes and id like you to say this to yourself: ‘I give myself permission to not be perfect. I accept myself with all my imperfections, allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them.’ Practice this affirmation a couple of times when you wake up in the morning, and allow yourself to feel more calmer and more relaxed; because at the end of the day we are all human beings, and ‘to err is human and to forgive is divine’

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