Help! My child has got a terrible maths teacher at school!

As a parent you might think, that once you have secured admission for your child in a reputed school you could put your feet up for the next thirteen years and at the end of that, out will come your child educated and wise to face college and life.

Unfortunately, many parents who have older children will warn you against any such complacent ideas – because a good school does not equal a good teacher, does not equal a child who will fare well.

Today a mother has written in complaining:

My child has got a terrible math’s teacher and will obviously fare badly, what can I do?

In my life coaching work with both children and parents I tend to argue this particular point on the basis of how we deal with poor leadership in our professional lives. How as a professional, you might be thrown into the deep end to put together a project or a presentation without any background information. What you rely upon to be successful is your sense of responsibility to complete the task and your resourcefulness to get the job despite the lack of information.

Today’s video blog, Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 51, I urge you parents to inculcate the same skills you need in your professional life to tide over this small encumbrance, use this as an opportunity to help your child develop some life long skills.


Talk to your child and explain that:

1)   This is real life.  What will happen when your child will go to college away from you and any support system? Your child needs to cope with what is available.

2)   Are all the children in the class faring badly? Of course not. How do the kids who fare well perform without the support of the teacherFind out what they are doing right to get their good results.

3)   There are 3 things your child can do to help himself:

pay more attention

– clarify doubts in class with the teacher

– understand the concept in class

4)   Teaching your child important life skills like being responsible and resourceful. Teach your child to take responsibility for their own results – helps children to rely in themselves for their results and not blame others.

5)   By being resourceful what can they do to face this problem?

– approach other children for help

– use the internet to research tutorials. The internet is available at their fingertips

– approach parents for help.

Action: Talk with your child about becoming more responsible and resourceful. What can he do to gather more facts about the subject and be a better learner.


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