How do I deal with my child who does not tell me about poor grades?

I have question that a friend of mine actually asked me, regarding ten year old daughter. Whenever her daughter gets poor grades in class she does not tell her mum, even if she asks her about her grades, so she said what can I do to help her in the situation.

1) As parents it is very very important for us to create a safe environment for our children, where even if they have gotten poor grade or made a mistake, they must feel that they can come back to their parents, without feeling judged, criticized or coming back to huge punishment, that would encourage them to come back to you, whether it’s poor grades or a mistake.

2) Sometimes difficult, but needs to be done is to stay calm. If you role model a calm behavior, the child also learns to stay calm, whether is poor grades, whether it is a mistake, the child will remain calm if the parent is calm. And in the state where both of you are calm, both of you can come up with positive answers, more positive ideas about how to improve on that situation.

3) Make this poor grade/mistake look like an learning opportunity for your child.

4) Sit down together and brainstorm for solutions. Does your child need outside help, does your child want you to help him or her in a particular manner, does the child want a teacher to help in class, so brainstorm solutions together.

5) Use this opportunity where your child has made a mistake or got a poor grade to EMPOWER your child. Put the ball in their court, how can they improve on the situation. Make them feel powerful, make them feel empowered that they can right this wrong, without making it feel like a big deal.

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So the question for the day, how to deal with children who do not tell their parents about their poor grades. five points :

(1) Create a safe environment for your child.
(2) Stay calm
(3) Make it look like a learning opportunity
(4) Sit down and brainstorm ideas together
(5) Empower your child, to improve, to learn from his or her mistakes.


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