How do I keep my child safe on the internet?

The average age of children accessing the internet is getting younger as there are more and more gadgets being invented. The internet serves as a huge resource for knowledge, entertainment etc. but just like the outside world there are many elements that make it unsafe for an unsuspecting child.

I have experienced it myself on many occasions, even while searching for cheese cake decorations on youtube, it has brought up many videos that are totally inappropriate to the subject and completely unrelated.

During the summer holidays children are spending even longer hours on the internet, so it becomes even more imperative for parents to inculcate some safety rules for the children to follow.

Today’s question by a mum – How can I keep my child safe on the internet? – is answered in the video blog Monday Mornings with Sunaina (Episode 42).

1) Become computer literate so you know what is happening on the computer.

2) Become aware of the programs or applications that your children are using on a regular basis whether it is for a school project or for playing games.

3) Limit the amount of time they spend on the internet.

4) Keep the computer in an area where you can monitor the screen and know what they are watching.

5) Monitor the social networking sites they are on. Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. What is the kind of information they are divulging on these sites? Refrain them from sharing personal details like phone numbers, address, school etc.

6) Install parental control on your kids computers.

7) Communicate with your children – regarding dangers of strangers on cyber space. Even if they make a mistake of getting to know a stranger – to please approach you for help.

8) Common email address for your younger children.

9) Tell your children that you will be checking on their internet activity – so that you can protect your child.
So I hope this video blog helps you to create a safe space and some rules and regulations for your children to be safe on cyberspace.

Action: Install parental control on your child’s computer!