How do I prepare my children for “back to school?”

Before we know it the long summer months of sleeping in late, family time, late nights, movies and holidays are drawing to a close.
The traffic on the roads has increased; parents are rushing to the shops to organize uniforms, stationery and various things in preparation for children going back to school.

For some kids there is an air of excitement, for others anticipation if they are moving to a new school or new country and yet for others trepidation if the last year was dotted with some unpleasant experiences.

And many parents have asked for tips on what we need to do to prepare our children for the new academic year.

This video blog Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 46 offers some strategies on how to help your children put their best foot forward to start the new academic year on a more sure footing.

1) Get your children into a routine with regard to their sleep and food patterns. Sleeping and waking up on time, eating healthy foods and at the right times.

2) Buying your children new school items like bags, stationery, shoes etc. so that they look forward to the new academic year with freshness.

3) Clearing their desks and the physical environment in which they will be doing their homework and projects.

4) Clearing their minds of any negative situations and experiences in their past academic year by helping them focus on what they learnt from those experiences.

5) Setting up new and positive belief systems by focusing their attention on things they did well in. You can put up visual reminders, photos, pictures of their achievements so that it boosts their self-confidence.

6) Set new goals on all areas of their life – from academic goals, sports, music to important life and personal development goals like building self-confidence, improving communication skills, how to deal with peer pressure etc.

7) Talk about the challenges that they might face while working towards their goals and the support they might need from you as parents, their teachers or coaches like tennis coach, golf coach or a life coach like me who helps to up level them to their next benchmark.

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