How to help your child overcome negative peer pressure?

I have been inundated with questions from parents and even children. I’ve had a parent write in about her teenage daughter. She’s a little bit unsure, asking me if her child is going through negative peer pressure problems or not, how does she know that her child is suffering from it, and what can she do to help.

So my advice to you is…

1) Firstly, look for the changes in behavior in your children, or your child. Is your child staying indoors a little bit more? Is your child avoiding going to school? Is your child avoiding the normal activities that he/she is enjoying?

2) Is your child eating properly. Are there changes in their food habits; not enjoying their meals, cutting down on meals, eating unhealthy food all the time.

3) Is your child sleeping properly; are there bags under his/her eyes?

4) Is your child a little bit absent-minded and not “with it,” like they say?

So look for these four signs to see whether your child is behaving differently.

And how can you help your child overcome negative peer pressure, incase you do confirm that these are the things happening with her.

1) Always talk to your child, your children, on a daily basis. Find time to listen to them. Find out what is happening in their day to day life.

2) Encourage your children to bring their friends home; for play-dates, for school-work, for project-work. so you get to know the type of children your children are mingling with. What are their friend circle? What is the group of people they mingle with?

3) Go to their school and talk to their teachers. You don’t have to directly ask their teachers if there is a problem, you can just casually ask. Fix an appointment with the teacher, and ask the teachers – how the child is doing in study, how is their behavior, how is their progress in general. And you will be able to gather if the teacher has any concerns. And if you are really really worried, go ahead and ask the teacher. Always think as your children’s teachers and their school as a partnership.

4) Aways reassure your child, that no matter what they do, you will always love them. We all make mistakes, making mistakes is a part of life. And if there is anything they are worried about, you are here to guide them, always, and you will forgive them. So if your child knows, that they can come back to you no matter what, and they have your love, and they have your support, your child can never be a victim to peer pressure.

I hope that answers your query. I look forward to receiving more questions from you parents, and even you children – let it come on! You can email me on,, you can inbox me on Facebook: Athena Coaching Solutions, or you can call me on (+971)0561399033.