How to help your child break a negative or bad habit?

The holidays cover up a lot of things including some undesirable habits! Now with regular school days and weeks those habits can come in the way of your child’s academic and personal success. As a parent what you have ‘overlooked’ in the holidays is now becoming an every day tug-of-war with your child.

Starting with gaming addiction, whatsapping non stop, watching episodes on his laptop or eating unhealthy snacks and foods any and all of these habits over the coming academic year only means another year of daily battles and nagging fights.

Of course some children are also aware and intelligent enough to know they have some habits they want to break because these negative traits in the long run can mean a downfall in their academic and personal success. Your childmight approach you to help him stop procrastinating or not managing his time optimally.

1) Have realistic expectations. Just the same way as you an adult might be struggling with your bad habit of smoking or procrastinating for a number of years you have to realize that your child might also be struggling and needshelp and support to break a habit.

2) Give it time. If you have been able to break a bad habit and create a new one you will know that it takes time to both build a habit over time, break abad habit and create a good habit in its place. Be patient with your child and know that over a reasonable period of time he will be able to overcome it. Do not expect overnight miracles.

3) Create an environment that supports the change. A child who is trying to break the habit of gaming addiction needs an environment where he is less inclined to access his laptop. Maybe you can take him for a sports activity or send him to play with his friends outside the house. A child who is trying to stop eating unhealthy snacks needs a kitchen that is not stocked with those snacks, instead keep healthy food items.

4) Participate in the change. Your child will be further motivated if you take part as a family in the new change. So instead of only him giving up the unhealthy eating habits it would benefit every member to start a healthy regime. Instead of only your child pursuing a sports activity join in with him and go swimming or cycling together as a family.

5) Seek professional help. If you cannot see eye to eye with your child, its creating too many stressful moments in your home and you need a life coach to help him not only overcome his bad habits but create good ones contact ME now!

As your child’s life coach I will help your child::
– understand WHY he has that bad habit,
– what SOLUTIONS could he apply to break the bad habit,
– hold him ACCOUNTABLE to break the habit,
– keep him MOTIVATED
– and keep him ON TRACK to achieve his academic and personal goals.