How to help your first born adjust after the birth of your second child

Hi there! I’m so excited this Monday morning to be starting our first video blog, and answering your question for you.

A concerned mother has written in – her first born, a six-year-old little boy, has been acting up lately after six months of the birth of her second child. What’s been happening?

He’s been back answering, he’s been screaming, he’s been pinching other children and really, both parents are so upset. My advice to you is…

1) Try and keep the first born’s routine stable. Try and avoid changing schools, avoid changing houses or avoid throwing him out of his own room, to another room. So – keep his routine stable.

2) As a Mum, you might just be very very exhausted, handling the baby. Hand over as much responsibility of your first-born, to either your husband or a grandparent.

3) Make sure that your husband develops a bonding day with your first born. Where there is an outing – they go out to a park, they go out somewhere. Where this is just Dad and your first born, let it be a girl or a boy, where they bond and spend quality time together, connecting so your child feels loved and wanted.

4) Make your first born feel like the mentor of your little one. Give him or her the responsibility of teaching everything to your little one, even if your little one is a month old or two months old. Make him feel responsible by telling him or her to sing lullabies to your little one, getting things for him, or deciding what clothes your little one should wear.

So remember the four points:

(a) Keep your first-child’s routine stable.
(b) Hand over as much responsibility as possible to your husband or a grandparent.
(c) A bonding bay between your child, and the daddy.
(d) Make your child the mentor of your little-one.

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