How to stop being a Hurry-Up Mom

Today’s video blog is for a special person, and that special person is you, the mom. I have a question to ask you, Are you a hurry up mom? You know we wake up in the morning and we’re no longer gently asking our children to wake up.

We’re saying: “hurry up get ready! hurry up have breakfast! hurry up the bus is here!” As mums I know we have a very long to-do list: going to work, going to our exercise or yoga class, going out for groceries, looking after the household, going out with our husbands, going to the children’s school to drop and pick them up.

I know that the list is endless and we’re under tremendous pressure. And recently I had the opportunity to interview a lot of mothers and one of the prime problems they faced was the chaos in their lives. The stress in their lives, the amount of things they had to do. Multitasking. And I know time keeping is important. But, what was brought to light recently was when a mom brought a nine-year-old daughter to me and what is she suffering from?

Pressure, yes you heard that right, a nine-year-old suffering from pressure. Pressure and stress of homework and routine. The mum was a full time working mum and only had one hour in the day to spare for her child, but she had made a long to-do list for her child to do and her child wanted to try and put her perfect foot forward and please her mum. And she used to feel very very pressurized. So we mums are constantly subjecting, firstly ourselves, to a never-ending constant checklist, its like an invisible billboard; check 1, check 2, check 3, check 4. And we’re doing the same thing for our children.

We have become slaves to our cell phones, to our agendas, to the notifications and reminders and the beep beep beep in our jam packed days. How would it feel for you to live without these 2 words: HURRY UP. Hurry up to yourself first and then hurry up to your kids. To allow yourself to snuggle in for two more minutes in the morning with your children and two extra minutes to your children while tucking them into bed. Allowing yourself to have a little extra TV time without actually following the timetable to the T. So I would urge you to look at the 3 areas or the 3 things in your life that you can eliminate hurrying up from. I have a daughter who is 13, 5 more years to go to university.

And these days have gone by in a big hurry. And I know, the time they come back from university are going to be so precious that I want to freeze them and no longer hurry up. So, what I have done is I have put together an amazing program for mums like you and me, who are under the stresses and pressures living a mums pressured and chaotic way of life. What I am trying to do through this program is to help us realize our inner potential and to create some semblance of sanity, some semblance of being able to communicate and to just slow down the pace of motherhood and not feel like its spiraling out of control.

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