I don’t have an identity anymore, my husband and children take me for granted

As a life coach, not only do I get to share the vulnerable sides of many people, but I am also witness to the amazing strength possessed by all. For some, life takes its toll and those very strengths that constitute these lovely women get drowned and buried in the mundane routines and especially women, tend to live their lives without purpose or mission or direction.

Today’s video blog shares the story of one woman, but which highlights the plight of a lot of women, exactly the kind of women whose lives I want to touch, help change and motivate them to lead a more inspired life. Because once you shine your light, you become the role model for your children, friends and family to shine theirs.

This lady who took my offer of the FREE Discover Myself Coaching Session, spoke about how she quit her well-paying corporate job to look after the needs of her family but soon started being taken for granted by an uncaring spouse and disobedient children. She spoke about how her circumstances took over and have brought her to the lowest point in her life and she has not only become disillusioned but she is now suffering from low energy and no desire to do anything.

To get an insight on how I coached her when she said: I don’t have an identity anymore, my husband and children take me for granted.

Today’s video blog, Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 54, I coached this lady on a few concepts to get clarity on how she has created her current situation:

1)   You make the decision and you are therefore responsible for the consequences

2)   There are circumstances outside of us, but there are many circumstances that we create – like sitting at home, not exercising, not pursuing our life purpose etc.

3)   When you live life blaming outside factors then you are in the victim mode

4)   What are the challenges that stop you? Husband, children, friends etc are not the actual challenge – the actual challenge is your OWN MINDSET.

5)   Your circumstances are just a reflection of your own mindset and if you change your own mindset, your circumstances will change

6)   When you change your mindset:

–       clarity about your goals

–       confidence in yourself

–       positivity in yourself

–       clarity of your life purpose

–       aligned in mind, body and spirit

the universe will open opportunities for you to support your new  mindset.

So come and learn how to make a change in your mindset and CREATE THE CIRCUMSTANCES that will make you come alive and be the WOMAN you want to be!

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