Parent Coaching – Are you suffering from Parenting Burn-out & Overwhelm?

Parent Coaching


In my Parent Coaching Programs I come across many parents who suffer from Parenting Burn-out & Overwhelm.

A couple who recently approached me to enroll for my 4-Week Parent Coaching Program for help in creating a more harmonious and peaceful family life for themselves and their two children were themselves facing burn-out.

This couple was:
😥 suffering from mental exhaustion
😩 physically tired
😧 at a loss on how to reduce the fractious family atmosphere
😯 teen daughter challenging boundaries
😓 younger son whining for their attention
😪 they themselves feeling completely depleted

The mother had set up family rules:
> shoes to be removed at the entrance cupboard
> walk straight to respective rooms
> dirty clothes in the laundry basket
> wash hands
> walk to dining table and use the right cutlery
> washing hands post meal
> sit to do homework
etc etc etc etc etc

While taking them through the Parent Coaching Program I pointed out to the mother that because she set up these rules – the mother also ended up policing her children at every barricade (rule) she had set up for them to follow. No surprise that this mother was exhausted, overwhelmed and burned out!

In my 4 Week Parent Coaching Program

I explain that it is important for children to have a routine but parents need to be careful of how many of these are “set in stone rules” you are putting down for them to follow and for you to police!

In our Monday Morning LIVE we discussed 6 steps to help you reduce the mayhem of parenting and bring some semblance of calm:

1) Write down all the rules you have put down as parents for your kids to follow

2) Ask yourself: “How can I simplify my life further?” Keeping the rules that are needed for the kids safety and well being is an important parenting strategy.

3) Are you policing these rules or are you communicating in such a manner that your child has clarity and knows he needs to follow through (most of the time)
This is EXACTLY what I coach parents on, in the 🌟 4 Week Parent Coaching Program 🌟 

4) Start eliminating the rules that you no longer need to police.

5) Understand and let go of the mundane rules that are not so important so that YOUR energy is freed up.

6) Allow some breathing space to your kids to mess up and do not create a suffocating environment at home.


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