Parenting Help: Are you a selfish parent?

Parenting Help


Parenting help is needed by all of us, especially when we are consumed by thoughts such as:

💥Am I a selfish mother/father/parent?

💥Parenting means to “sacrifice” all the time for my kids and family


You will definitely feel like you need parenting help because you will feel like your battery has been running on low for a number of months or years!

Given the cultural beliefs ingrained in us it is not surprising that we think:

  • Parenting means to sacrifice for kids because that makes good parents.
  • Always think of your kids first, parents come second
  • Parents sole purpose is to look after their kids everything else comes after


When I am giving parenting help to my clients I state only one thing:

You know you even plug your phone into the socket to re-charge the battery but what do you do to recharge and rejuvenate yourself?

Because only when your battery is full can you function well and be more present for your children and family.


💖 To provide a first class life to your kids you need to be at first class levels.

💖 Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and to understand that this is a SELFLESS act it is not being selfish.

💖To give your best you need to be at your best.

We spoke about 5 areas you need to recharge yourself on a DAILY basis:

1) Body:

Feed your body which is your temple the best nutrition and supplements and medicine at the right time. Understand the needs of your body, treat it with kindness and look after it well so that it can serve you and your family well.

2) Exercise:

Do what suits your body not what is the latest fad. Walk, do yoga, swim, cycle or hike, pursue atleast 30 minutes of daily exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. Only when you are fit can you be a good parent.

3) Emotional needs:

Do NOT brush your emotions under the carpet or ignore them. The more you ignore them they get stored in your body and cause pain and disease. Allow yourself to FEEL your emotions and spend 10-15 mins daily journaling how you WANT to feel in the day and how you are currently feeling. If you feel you cannot overcome some recurring negative emotions that are impacting your life – get help from a professional counsellor or coach. Click HERE to book a FREE call with me.

When helping parents I use many tools to help them overcome any negative emotions so they have more energy and positivity to be a good parent.

 4) Spiritual development:

Listen to spiritual lectures, read spiritual books, go for a class. Spend time meditating on a daily basis. I am an avid believer of the mind-body connection and feel meditation is truly the gateway to the soul.

5) Mental well-being:

We run to upgrade our phone almost every year – what are you doing to up level your mental well being? I invite you to: read a book, learn a new skill, enroll for a program that helps you to be a better worker or wife or parent.

If you think you are struggling with overwhelm and chaos and need some parenting help click HERE to book a FREE call with me.