Parents – 5 scenarios when you MUST contact a Youth & Parent Coach!

Parenting brings with it many joys but it also brings with it loads of challenges and therefore brings about the need for parent coaching services.

I understand when parents come feeling like they can bear it no more and they want an escape either from everyone around them or from the insurmountable problems at home. I have had many parents break down in front of me from exasperation and frustration from not knowing what to do.

However, a lot of my clients both adults who come for coaching and parents looking for a coach for their child contact me – then email me – then call me – book an appointment – cancel and start the cycle six months later till they reach a point of break down wishing they had come earlier because the problem has exacerbated over time.

Once a woman called me three times at 7am in the morning because she realized she had waited too long and done more harm to her child by not bringing her in earlier!

Once these parents enroll their child for my coaching programs or themselves for coaching they feel a sense of relief and more confidence on being able to overcome their challenges . Know that when you want to have a neutral party to talk and share with – a professional whom you can trust, be assured that everything you say will stay confidential then you have me as your Youth & Family Life Coach to guide you.

Testimonial by a mother who also delayed enrolling her son but when she finally did for, the Youth & Parent Coaching Program this is what she had to say at the completion:

As parents, we have started giving time to our son, listen to him and developed more patience not to cut each other while talking. I always dreamt that father and son would walk with hands over their shoulders as they never got along, and thank you Sunaina for making my dream come true.

My son, has started devoting more time to study and less play which was the other way before we met you and his grades have improved drastically! When I asked him if he used any tools that were discussed during the sessions, his answer was yes as now he feels he is answerable to someone about his actions.

The biggest challenge for me was to imagine him as what I had desired him to be, which was your first instruction. My mind was so conditioned of thinking of him as someone who would never change, play games and while away time, slam door on my face!

But yes it worked and now I say “I wish we could have consulted Sunaina long back instead of going to other places!”

In most cases parents wait anywhere from six months to a year to bring their child to me for coaching! By then the problem has become bigger and it takes more effort and time to resolve it versus if parents brought their child in earlier not ‘hoping’ that it will disappear.

1) When you as a PARENT notice certain issues gradually becoming chronic or escalating causing your child to fall off track with his academics or personal development or emotional intelligence then it is time to contact me.
Loss of self-confidence
Sudden decline in your child’s academic results
Behavior changes like back answering and temper flares
Negative mindset – from his language

2) When your child’s issues manifest in physical form – like nervousness, anxiety, stress or sudden bursts of anger or sulking. Or he is facing health issues regularly; panic attacks before presentations or exams.

3) Communication breakdown between you and your child or when your child is hiding or lying to you. When the bridge of communication and mutual trust that binds the family together has broken down and you need me a neutral party to help rebuild that bridge again.

4) When you are unable to manage your own problems or past issues that are now showing up in your parenting causing you to not be able to parent your child in the appropriate manner.

5) You are confused as an adult or parent on what is right or wrong. You lack clarity and confidence in yourself and what you are doing. And you find yourself stressed out and anxious on most days flaring up easily. So for the benefit of the entire family you would need the help of a professional to help you regain clarity and confidence.

If you feel that you or your child are struggling with any of the above issues I would strongly urge you to contact me ASAP. Email NOW to book your session so that we can get started in helping you get started on leading a more relaxed and peaceful life with your child and family!