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"This coaching journey, like many stories in my life, began with my parents pushing me - a reluctant son - to a coaching session. I was suffering with my health, my schoolwork and was feeling depressed. This coaching program with Sunaina has made me realise that I can change a lot of things in my life to improve my state of mind. I realised that I was not concentrating on the positive side of my success in recent times, but suppressing them. I was making my 'problems' bigger.

With the help of my coach, Sunaina Vohra, I managed to remove all negative emotions from all aspects of my life and have now started to lead a positive, fulfilling life. This for me was the greatest thing achieved through this coaching program.

There were many inspiring moments in my coaching journey that inspired me to go further. I was part of a team that won a nation-wide tournament. This inspired me to go further, and let me know that anything was possible if I put my mind to it. In school, I started achieving higher scores and winning medals for tournaments. I would really recommend Sunaina if you need any help with any aspect of your life, no matter how big or small. She will guide you slowly through your struggles and correct them, and she will make you realise your full potential."

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (15 years, male)

Before coaching with Sunaina, I was nervous, stressed, unsure, and on the verge of a breakdown. I actually had panic attacks, which had never happened to me before this year. After the coaching program with Sunaina, I felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt a lot more relaxed, but without losing my sense of drive. Actually, I feel more driven, even though I’m more relaxed, probably because of my improved time management and focus.

My focus has improved a lot, and I have found a sense of self-motivation that I was lacking. I am able to focus on tasks for longer periods of time and work more efficiently on them. I have gotten over the anxiety that plagued me this year. I am more social, and have more of a life outside of school.

I found the coaching sessions with Sunaina a very positive and relaxed experience. Sunaina is a good listener and I felt comfortable talking with her. The entire coaching experience was very helpful, and well worth my time.

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (17 years, male) 

"Before I started coaching, I was a very negative-minded person - low on self-confidence, always stressed and nervous, lacking in communication skills and unable to control my anger.

After I started coaching with Sunaina, I started becoming positive, gained strong levels of confidence, became relaxed, reduced my stress levels for exams and improved my communication skills by communicating with everyone nicely. I also learnt how to control my anger by naming the voice in my mind as Sarah! These changes have positively impacted my life in many ways and my classmates could even feel that I have changed.

These transformations helped me in school, family meetings etc. If I didn’t go for coaching, I would have never been like this today. But the main thing is that you should admit what mistakes you have done and then start coaching to correct it and that’s what I have done in my coaching experience. My coaching experience with Sunaina has been tremendous and I was always excited to go and learn different concepts from her each session. She has taught me so much about handling the different issues I was facing, and has changed me into a totally different human being.

You are the best coach I have seen, Sunaina."

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (13 years, female)

Before I started coaching with Sunaina, I tended to focus more on the negative aspects and outcomes of any experiences or tasks, and these manifested in the form of anxiety and overwhelming fear, which kept me from experiencing the positive sides of experiences and completing the tasks I needed and wanted to complete.

This led to overall confidence drop and the feeling that I had no control over the situation I was in. Through coaching with Sunaina, I find that the overwhelming factor of fear and worry has disappeared. I also feel a lot lighter and relieved in a way, since coaching has helped me let go of all the negativity that had clogged up my thinking.

This has increased my confidence levels, as I now feel very strongly that I can succeed in anything I choose to pursue. The filter through which I see and interact with the world has changed completely, allowing me to experience the world in a much more positive way. I can feel that my life has completely changed, after coaching with Sunaina.

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (19 years, male)

First and foremost, I can't thank you enough for the help and advice. It's been simply amazing. Honestly, I was 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of my confidence. Meeting you not only got me to a 7, but also changed the way I think to Positive Thinking.

I am now a positive thinker and I believe in myself. I am also a fighter. It's been a great learning experience and I will never forget some of the things you said to me, think about the times you're confident and make them more. It’s all in the mind. I have so much to offer to the world, let alone my friends or family. And you made me realize exactly what I'm capable of. It’s amazing how you relate every problem to a real life example. I think you're doing an amazing thing by helping people and I can imagine how awesome you feel by doing the same. You're one of the best coaches I have ever met. I am just at a loss of words.

So I'll just keep it short before I get sentimental. I miss you and hope to see you soon.

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (19 years, male)

"After coaching with Sunaina, I feel like I have regained my sense of self-control and understood my responsibility towards myself and the limits of my responsibility towards others. I feel significantly more positive, in my self-perception as well as my relationships with others. I have learnt the importance of letting go, recognizing that I am responsible only for my own choices and behaviors, including my anger, which is only reflective of the anger I am holding.

I have also learnt to cut out negative expectations (such as the belief that people do not like me and I am misunderstood) upon realizing that it is these negative expectations which shape my perceptions of the world around me.

Instead, I have replaced this with positive expectations, recognizing that I am surrounded by love. This has eased all anxiety, anger and augmented my self-confidence."

Young Girl in College in US (Personal Breakthrough Session)

In the last five sessions I've had with you Aunty, as a person I've become more secure and confident of myself. I've been able to talk about somethings of my life without being afraid of the consequences.

I know now that my captain lies within me, all I need to do is awaken him. I don’t have a concrete answer of what my life's purpose is but I feel all that's left to do is to take action.

I have a few ideas in my head and I think going forward with them will reveal more of what I like and I can take it from there.

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (21 years, male)

And this is what the parents are saying..

Thank you Sunaina, right now I feel GOOOOOOD!!! HAPPY and at PEACE!

You have issued the ticket and boarding pass for me to fly high and experience the wonders. I am excited to hit my goals and tell you about it soon.

You taught me how to think ‘RIGHT’, you lifted the burden off me by patiently answering and clearing the doubts I had since many years, and even Google could not do that for me!

When I try to recall our sessions, I can remember only positive things. I am no longer an angry bird to my daughter. She is reflecting all the positivity I am feeling and we are having fun!

Thank you Sunaina for listening whole-heartedly, smiling when I smiled, for encouraging me with your cute way of story telling. I will miss talking to you more often and I know you are there for me when I need you! God bless you!

Personal Breakthrough Program participant
(Mother of 9-year old)

"H has now become a very confident child and prepared to face challenges at school and beyond. She now chooses to look at things differently and to see the positive side of any issues.  She is also more forthcoming in assisting others and making their life happier.

We are seeing significant changes and improvement and it gives us confidence that she will develop into an individual who will contribute in a big way to society.

It was very heartwarming for us to see H looking forward to your coaching sessions and accepting your advice, concepts and trying to implement the same. Your style of interacting is impressive and H enjoyed sharing her inner thoughts with you."

Youth and Parent Coaching program participants (Parents to a teen daughter)

I happened to meet Ms Sunaina through my wife who insisted that I meet her and discuss a few personal issues I was going through, which were bringing stress to the entire family.

Looking back I feel it was the best thing for me.

I learnt a whole lot about myself, about all my wrong beliefs and fears and how to correct or conquer them. I was able to see my real purpose in life and also the wrong track I was on. She gave me back my confidence and polished my inner-self. She showed me how deep my negative thinking and worry was. Which helps me now in being relaxed and positive. And it was all done through friendly chats and some meditative moments. No complex charts etc. And throughout our sessions, Sunaina were very friendly and supportive which made it easier for me to talk about myself and my past.

My job now is to hold on to the positive Mantras and keep moving in the right direction. Like you say - that is what we are here for. Thank you for all the nudges and support.

Personal Breakthrough Program participant 

Sunaina is a person who has vision for you even when you think you are lost. She can uplift your moral so beautifully, that it will be reflected in your personality.

I found my angel, who held my hand when I was drowning into pain and trouble.

I didn’t know where I was heading, but Sunaina knew what I wanted and how to get me there.

Whenever I spoke to her, I was talking my heart out and she being a calm listener not only heard me but also taught me to see things from other perspectives. I felt positive vibes whenever I spoke to her.

She is my Angel who helped me to know who I am and love myself. Thank you my Angel for sharing part of my journey with you. Sunaina knows the Art of bringing joy in people’s life.

Totally in love with Sunaina and her learnings.

Personal Breakthrough Program participant

"The most important issues I was facing while parenting was my kids never used to listen when I said anything once. I had to yell. But then, after your program, I realised I was the one training them to respond only to my yells. So I made it a firm one-time instruction and they responded because we both connected better. Which also I picked up from the BOT program.

Second thing was daughter wasn't concentrating on her studies....obviously because of change in school. New environment and new people of different cultures. So she was kind of distracted.

I was able to help her because I did the program.

Third is about myself. .....a lot of me changed.  I came out of my guilt of feeling that I am not parenting well. I became more confident. And after the program, I realised I was parenting them with the guilt of the past and the fear of the future. I wasn't actually trying to understand them. But then after the program....I saw a tremendous change in them as I was better aware of my faulty parenting. I stopped labeling them and judging them.

On the whole I am feeling truly blessed by God for guiding me to you at the right time.

I can't thank you enough."

Back on Track participant (Mother of two pre-teens)

For over 10 years I went through life as if it was a battle. Being a working mom, I always felt guilty about not spending enough time with my son and husband. This led me to shut myself out from everybody and I subsequently developed a negative mindset. This made me emotionally numb and unable to connect with people. I had no friends and was disconnected with my family. My negativity and hopelessness was being transferred at home – the mood at home was sad and glum.

After coaching with Sunaina:

The first immediate transformation happened 15 days into coaching with Sunaina. My colleagues said I looked more positive and it was nice to see me smile.

It’s now easy to connect with people. I have been in several gatherings in the last month and have enjoyed meeting people. I was not judgmental at all. Instead, I just enjoyed being with them. I don’t hide from people anymore. I am more positive and confident and accept myself for who I am.

The mood at home is happier. I spend more time with my husband and we talk more about things in general rather than problems/challenges we are facing. My son is happier and we laugh more at home.

Personal Breakthrough Program participant (Mother of 11-year old)

Sam had been struggling with the need to become fully aware of himself, what was important to him and what it took to achieve it.

After coaching with Sunaina, he made great progress developing that self awareness, ability to focus and manage his time better to get his work done, which is key to taking him to the next level in his aspirations for college and beyond.

A big part of his improvement is his ability to manage the stress of high school, 11th grade, and the IB program.

Youth and Parent coaching program (Mother of 17-year old)

“Thank you for the wonderfully enlightening coaching session on parenting. I found a big difference the very same evening in the way my kids responded to me. They had already bathed and were ready for dinner when I reached home. They spoke to me wonderfully about their day at school AND I LISTENED.

I managed to convince my elder son to revise his science before going to bed since he had assessments the next day. This was a HUGE win for me since he refused earlier saying it stresses him out more to wake up early and study on the day of the test.

I tuned to his level of thought saying “Yes, even I would be stressed revising early mornings before exams, but whenever I revised before bedtime, it just gave me more confidence and helped remember little things which I would’ve otherwise forgotten” So he did revise at bedtime, after LISTENING to my suggestion.

I also got complimented by husband who said that 'You handled the boys very well today, they were so receptive!' "

Mother of 8-year and 15-year old

My angel Sunaina, sending my daughter to you was the best decision I made in my life, believe me. You brought her so much confidence, made her face things too.

Wish you all the best my angel. I pray to God to send you everyone going through teen problems.

Youth and Parent Coaching participant (Mother of teen daughter)