Saturday, 7 March 2015
Sunaina Vohra: Parental Guidance: Recognize your child’s strengths
A mother came to me last week seeking help to get her six-year-old to learn the alphabet the conventional way, as he was not able to grasp “a for apple” or “b for bat” as quickly as the other children in his class. Read more…
Saturday, 14 February 2015
Sunaina Vohra: Parental Guidance: Are you parenting your dream child?
Last night I went out for a child’s first birthday celebrations and, as expected, there were many expectant mothers and new parents too. New parents proudly holding their children while folks such as me were coochie-cooing their little ones. Read more…
Saturday, 7 February 2015
Sunaina Vohra: Parental Guidance: 6 secrets of success
Through this fortnightly column, Sunaina Vohra helps you keep parenting sane and simple, and guides you to trust your intuition — because, no one knows your child like you do.
One thing that I feel we can always improve on is the love we give our children, both in quality and quantity. We all know our personal and professional needs usually outnumber our strong intentions to spend every post-school moment with our children. Read more…
Saturday, 3 January 2015
Sunaina Vohra: Top tips on bringing up children
A parent wears many hats — mentor, disciplinarian, friend, guide, role model, and more. Here are ways in which you can manage your life to make your kids’ growing years better.
Another year comes to an end and a new one begins, but where parenting is concerned, every day is new. Every day we not only teach our kids something new, we learn, or relearn, them as part of bringing up our children to become better people. Read more…
Friday, 30 August 2014
Sunaina Vohra: Back to school: Tips from the experts
From the headteacher to the PE teacher, the psychologist to the kids themselves, here’s some advice for that first day of term.
They say it takes a village to raise a child. With that in mind, and the start of the new school year just round the corner, we sought the advice of the people whose job it is to get your child through school and out the other side with an education, character-building experiences and good health. Read more…

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014
Sunaina Vohra: Suicidal tendencies on rise among teenagers in UAE
Dubai: Days after a spate of teen suicides shook the UAE, leading psychologists have revealed a shocking rise in suicidal tendencies among teenagers in the UAE. Read more…

Friday, 13 June 2014
Sunaina Vohra: “Life & Style | Parenting” Don’t schedule all your kids’ free time
With summer vacations soon approaching, like every parent, I too want to meaningfully engage my son during the imminent summer holidays. I saw a barrage of advertisements for summer camps, and I thought to myself that it’s fabulous that we live in a time when we have classes for every possible activity you could think of — playing board games, mini golf, improving your handwriting, listening to stories, dancing, cooking without fire — and the list goes on. Read more…

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Wednesday, 09 October 2013
Sunaina Vohra: What drives UAE expats to suicide?
Sunaina Vohra, Founder of Athena Biz and Life Coaching, said: “As expats, we are away from home and live in nuclear families where we may not always have the right people to talk to. We’re also very hush-hush when it comes to the problems we face. Read more…

Friday, 13 June 2014
Sunaina Vohra: Suicide Prevention
Mental health professionals in the UAE are calling for a suicide hotline to be set up and are urging greater public awareness to mark Tuesday’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Read more…

Friday, 06 September 2013
Sunaina Vohra: How to beat the bullies
Peer pressure, bullying, dealing with failure… the negatives children have to deal with in school can overwhelm them and their parents. Life coach Sunaina Vohra outlines a few practical steps to keep them at bay. Read more…