How to deal with office politics/bullying?

I’ve got the next question from a 28-year young professional who has been going to an office, to a new office, for the last two months has become a victim to, guess what? Office politics and office bullying. Yes, bullying does happen in the office environment. So she has written in, asking, how I can help her to overcome this situation. So the five tips for today are…

1) Ignore it. Just walk away. Whenever people are talking about something negative, or gossiping, the best policy at that time, is to just walk away from the situation.

2) It is a very practical tip that anybody can do very easily, without putting off people is, put an iPod on and listen to music. Even use the time constructively to listen to some learning CD’s or some motivational talks. And that will help you, even in your office work! And, it will get the gossipmongers to just walk past you because you are too busy working and listening to music. So you don’t tick anybody off that way.

3) You should be able to, in the first one or two months in office, identify the troublemakers. Steer clear away from them – no coffees, teas, lunches or evenings socializing with them. Just stay clear.

4) Saying that we are steering clear of people, you also need to work with team members. You also need people to work with in an office environment. So, pick and choose the mature workers in the office environment. Pick and choose those people who you think, you can help and who can help you to form a good team, to be able to work with. So pick them, the mature and positive people.

5) Set very clear boundaries. Do not indulge in giving out too much of your personal information that could be later on used against you. So draw a line, in terms of what it is in terms of conversation, you are going to indulge in, in the office. And if someone comes to you asking you – “Hey! So what’s the latest?” say, “I have no clue,” and walk away.

So, the five points are:

1) Ignore any negative conversation.
2) Put your iPod on and listen to some rocking music!
3) Identify the troublemakers and do not socialize with them.
4) Build relationships with the positive and mature people in the office.
5) Set clear boundaries about yourself and do not give out too much personal information.

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