How do I overcome my bad habits in the new year?

I had a very interesting question from one of the mothers, she asked me, given it’s the new year, she has set up certain resolutions for herself, and she says I am struggling with my bad habits and specifically she spoke about her bad habit about spending money excessively when she goes out shopping and losing her cool. So today I’d like to talk to you about habits.

There is a very interesting story about at the Alcatraz prison in America and it talks about how hardened criminals were put in that prison because it was so isolated that prisoners could not escape. There were a couple who apparently tried to escape but there is no known record of anyone actually being able to make to safety. So our habits are a little bit like the Alcatraz prison, where we are so confined by our fixed ideas that we find it very very difficult to break through. And our habits are not confined in any way like the prisoners in the Alcatraz prison. Our habits are just our routine things that we have developed over the course over a period of time. And are habits are fixed ideas that sometimes we take from the environment, media, from other people, and sometimes they are just formed by ourselves internally. And of course I’m not just saying that everyone has bad habits, we have good habits and we have bad habits. The bad habits create the Alcatraz prison that confined jail cell for us, and the good habits for example, like going to the gym, eating healthy are the ones that create paradise for us, that help us to be strong mentally, physically and spiritually.

And you might know different kinds of people. People, who are emotionally strong, live an abundant life and generally happy people, and how have they created that? They have created that through habits, through positive habits, whether it is positive thoughts, or positive physical things like I said good nutrition, going to the gym, reading good books. And on the other hand we also know people who are emotionally not very strong, emotionally weak people who are either on a roller coaster ride being on a high or being on a low, high and low, getting into fights, getting into bad relationships and physically not being in the best place. How does that happen? It happens because they have habits that do not support them. They have negative habits.

So whatever you choose to create for yourself will help you to create certain behaviors, and those behaviors will get you the results in your life, and those results will finally get you your destiny. So today if you decide to have different destiny, you need to work on the results, the results that are created by your behavior, and your behavior created by your habits, and always remember that it takes the same amount of energy to nurture a good habit and the same amount of energy that requires following a bad habit. So if we have a good habit of eating healthy and going to the gym, that’s a good habit that we need energy for to follow through to nurture versus the energy required for a bad habit like lets say eating fast food, eating junk food, smoking, thinking negative habits which also requires energy. So today decide where do you want to invest your energy, in your good habits or in your bad habits.

I like the mum’s question on how do we actually change the habits? In momswhorock the program I have specially developed for mums, we actually talk about how we have certain powerful strategies that will help us break through the negative habits, create new positive habits, through things like powerful affirmations on a daily basis, that will kill the negative habits over a period of time so that we create good, different behavior that will create a different result and therefore a different destiny. So taking this mum’s example about over spending and being angry, what will her destiny be, versus the same mum who decides to invest her energy in being more frugal, being more watchful of her spending habits, saving money and then creating a loving, peaceful and balanced life for her children and family. What do you want to choose mum?

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