Do you have a problem investing in yourself?

Good Monday morning to all of you, this week I have a question, actually an experience, a conversation with a lady. A mum. Who is very keen to invest in enrolling for the Moms Who Rock, program but first to call me up with many questions, and this is a lady who had previously, throughout reference, sent her husband to me for life coaching, her husband had been without a job for 5 years. And after 2 week of coaching with me, he got a job, so it was someone who trusted and knew me, but, she ended up questioning me for the deliverables about the course, what attention and what she would get, and what I realized was actually underneath all those questions was her question for herself. Do I value myself enough? Do I think it is worth it for me to invest in something for myself? And I’ve been there therefore I pecked it up and coached her with regard to mums. We always tend to put ourselves last, if today I asked any of you for a program about children or tuitions or classes you will be very very quick to enroll your children. But when it comes to ourselves we tend to put ourselves last. And I did that with myself, I remember times I would want to invest in a program and I would be 100% in the program and finally, excuses not to be there. Is it worth it? Am I wasting time and money? Am I being selfish and greedy? And thankfully, through the life coaching program progress, I actually got over those things and realized. When I invest in myself I create a ripple effect that will have a positive impact on my children and husband and family. The best advice was from my mother-in-law: Sunaina, your the centre of the household, if you are happy and inattentive, you will be able to keep a household with happiness. So the 5 points of why its important for you mom, as the centre of the household to invest in yourself.

1. You will feel less burnt out
2. Give love to yourself before your family
3. First give oxygen to yourself then others
4. If you are fulfilled you can give ore of yourself to others
5. Your children look up to you as role models; teach them the importance of self care.

I hope that helps you to learn and value yourself as a mum, so that you don’t ever have to feel guilty again about investing in yourself in the future. I look forward to answering to your questions. Do remember to email me at Have a great week ahead! Bye!