How do I stop myself from spiralling downwards into a swamp of depression?

Depression does not necessarily mean a long term mental illness. It can also mean bouts of feeling low, sad and lethargic. When we feel ourselves getting sucked into a deep dark chasm, suffocating us. Our mind, body and soul seem to be suffering from a partial blackout.

Recently a client – who had finished her adult coaching program with me, experienced herself inside such a dark space and called me for advice and I gave her some “physical advice”. Because our minds and bodies are intrinsically connected. Dis-ease is a reflection of our minds thinking in a faulty manner. And when we work the other way round – change our physical state, force our physical state into another way – it impacts our mind, our thinking.

Today’s question by a client – How do I stop myself from spirally downwards into the swamp of depression – is answered in the video blog Monday Mornings with Sunaina (Episode 40).

1) Use your body – change your physical state – run, walk, gym. Release the endorphins – positive energy by shaking the blues away!

2) Force a smile – fake a smile. When you use your facial muscles to smile – your mind cannot stay in a low state. Try it!

3) Put on music that you enjoy, dance alone in your bedroom, dance with your kids or even with your spouse 🙂

4) Change the environment, the surroundings you are in. The same exterior environment will stimulate you to think in the same manner. Getting out of the environment will cause your mind to think in other ways.

5) Practice mindful breathing. Stay in the now – not in the past events or what’s going to happen next. Just in the NOW.

6) When you practice mindfulness you will realise that there is so much for you to be grateful about – your family, your loved ones, health, finances, home…

So I hope this video helps you to throw off any of those yucky feelings that might be sucking the energy out of you and draining you!

Action: Make a list of all the physical activities you can undertake when the low mood strikes.