How to improve your communication skills

I received a question from a male, a professional, who’s asked me about tips with regard to communication – “How can he improve his communication.”

As you know, communication is extremely important these days; with regard to relationships, with regards to socializing, with regards to the business you might be in, whether you’re actually selling something, whether it’s a product whether it’s a service, you’re working in a corporate environment. Communication is vital for success.

So what are today’s five tips with regards to communication?

1) To make your audience feel comfortable. So whether you talking one-on-one with someone, or you are talking with a bigger audience. The most important thing is to make the listener, to make the person you are communicating with feel comfortable, feel that they’re in a safe environment, and feel that they can trust what you are saying and what your message is; so to be authentic.

2) To be able to engage your audience, again whether it is one-on-one or whether it is with a larger audience. Eye contact is extremely important. Eye contact makes the other person feel that they can look it you and you are looking at them and that there is trust established. So eye contact is extremely important.

3) In communication is focus. How many times, when people are talking, we tend to zone out. So it’s very important, when you are doing the talking, to focus on the needs of the audience, again one-on-one or in a larger audience, focus on what the audience or the listener wants from you.

4) Keep your communication simple and clear. Audiences will zone out if it’s too technical if it’s something they don’t understand. So in case you are doing a presentation, mix it with technical stuff and stories. Keep your audience engaged, by keeping your message simple and clear.

5) The last point is, and no one can shy away from this, is practice. Practice makes you get better at communication.

So the five points for today:

(1) Make your audience feel comfortable.
(2) Keep your audience engaged with eye contact.
(3) Focus on the needs, what your audience wants.
(4) Keep your message simple and clear.
(5) Practice. There is no substitute for practice.

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