How to stop procrastination

I’ve got a twelve-year-old girl writing in and asking; “How do I stop myself from procrastinating.” Well this question is relevant across all age groups. And the answer is relevant across all age groups also.

So the four points for today, how do we stop ourselves from procrastinating and just going ahead and doing our job?

1) The first point is, prioritize. Have your list ready, what is it that you need to do? Have the easiest jobs on the top of your list and the more medium to difficult stuff at the bottom. Why do we do that? So that suppose you have a list of seven things to do today, when you tick the top three (because their the easiest, and the fastest), you encourage yourself when thinking – “I’ve almost got half of my list done!” And you build tempo. So, have your list ready, easy on top, then medium, and difficult at the bottom.

2) Keep your resources ready. For example, if your going to do a big project in school, or even a big project in office, keep all your resources ready. If you need to do some work on the internet, download information from the internet, get some book, talk to people, put everything together. So when you are sitting down to finish your project, its at one go without having to keep getting up and getting distracted. So your minimizing distractions, keeping your resources ready and you are going for it.

3) Internet connectivity. Facebook status, updates, Instagram, I don’t know what else children these days are up to. Twitter, etc. So, promise yourself that you will check your status, maybe once in two hours, is that reasonable enough? And stick to it. Because you and I both know that once we start checking our status, before we know it, the two minutes become twenty minutes and your way behind in your list. So, promise yourself to give yourself a break once in two hours. Stick to it, check your status, update your status, but then go back to your project.

4) The last point is, always manage your distractions. A very interesting thing is ask yourself – “when do I get distracted?” And the answer usually is, when you are not fully engaged, when you are not enjoying what you are doing, you tend to get distracted. Try and put your heart and soul and mind into what your doing. Figure out, what it is that you enjoy about this project, and I know some subjects are boring and every subject might not be possible to enjoy, but try and find what it is that you enjoy in the subject. Go for that, minimize the external distractions and then concentrate.

So the four points for today are:
(a) List your things in order of easy and difficult.
(b) Keep all your resources ready.
(c) Check your status once is two hours.
(d) How to manage your distractions by keeping yourself fully engaged, with passion, in your work.

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