I am doing the best I can but still my husband/wife is not happy with me

After a radio show I did, I got loads of calls and people came to meet me for coaching regarding their relationships and how to better their current relationship. A common thread that was shared and voiced by my clients was – “I am doing the best I can but still my husband/wife is not happy with me.”

Most of these clients came to me feeling lost, inadequate and confused as to what they could do, give or change to better their relationships because according to them they had done the best they could and felt they were heading towards a dead end and most likely the breakdown of their relationship.

Today’s video blog, Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 55, I coached these clients on a number of concepts which were:

1)   The Law of Attraction states that what is going on inside of you is what is showing up outside of you.

2)   Whatever you are thinking of you in your mind how is it being reflected in your physical reality

3)   There are always two voices within you – one that is good and the other that pulls you down and wants you to stay in your comfort zone

4)   We are creating our reality, whatever we are thinking and feeling is emitting a certain energy that is going out into the universe

5)   And this energy is creating the reality which is the people in your lives, the experiences, your partner or even your children

6)   When you realize that responsibility lies with you and you can change your reality when you want to work with you!


So come and learn how to change your reality and bring joy and love back into your relationship by working on yourself via my Adult Life Coaching Program.


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